The Resistance has its own Q-Anon

The Resistance has its own Q-Anon

I think the whole Q-Anon thing is stupid.  Always have.

Any super- secret conspiracy that urges me to “Trust the Plan” of some super-secret squirrel nobody can identify gets a “No” from me.

I found Q-Anon Twitter so laughably goofy, about two years ago, the first things I added to the “Muted Words” option on Twitter were all Q-related: Q-Anon, #QAnon, #QArmy.

Do I think Q-Anon is dangerous?  No.  Just silly.

I’m someone who lives by Occam’s Razor. When given a set of explanations for a problem, the simplest is often the correct one.

Q-Anon tosses Occam’s Razor on its head: When given a set of explanations, firmly believe the one for which you have no evidence because it’s from some shadowy anonymous nobody telling you to trust him/her/xir.

Hard pass, people.

But what I find remarkable is how Democrats, the media and the slobbering ResistanceLOL love to mock the whole Q-Anon phenomenon while simultaneously promoting equally ludicrous conspiracy theories.

There is only one difference between the “Trust the Plan” Q-Army and the ResistanceLOL Army. While the Q-Anon thing sticks to the fringes, the ResistanceLOL conspiracies always go mainstream.

The equally ludicrous “RussiaGate” conspiracy was promoted by elected members of Congress, the defeated 2016 Democrat nominee, people within the State Department, DOJ and FBI, and, of course the so-called “mainstream” news media.

The same could be said for the ResistanceLOL conspiracy we now know as “WhistleblowerGate.”

Even now, after RussiaGate has been completely debunked, these die-hard ResistanceLOL conspiracy nuts can’t let it go.

And while Twitter is actively banning all Q-Anon accounts, it does absolutely nothing to rein in these equally nutty conspiracy theories from the ResistanceLOL.

Over the last week, a brand new ResistanceLOL-fueled Q-Anon revved up its engines – namely, Trump is sabotaging the Post Office to interfere with the election and disenfranchise voters.

Kurt Schlichter calls this one PO-Anon.

And once again, this lunatic conspiracy theory isn’t remaining on the fringe of social media.

The Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, cable news outlets and major dailies like the Washington Post and the New York Times are eating it up with a spoon.

RedSteeze Democrat Q-Anon

Barack Obama even got in on the act – fearmongering that seniors wouldn’t be getting their social security checks. Of course, when Barack Obama was President, the Social Security Administration stopped mailing checks and went to direct deposit or debit card, but I guess he forgot all about that.

And, naturally, the ResistanceLOL is “taking to the streets” in droves to protest outside of the Postmaster General’s house while the media scour through his political donations to see if he is part of Trump’s “sabotage the Post Office” cabal.

Yes, the irony isn’t lost on me. They are demanding vote by mail so people don’t have to gather at a polling place … by gathering at the Postmaster General’s house.

Good grief, these guys are idiots.

And just like the “kids in cages” attack, ResistanceLOL Twitter is posting photos of things that also happened when Barack Obama was President and claiming it is “proof” Trump is sabotaging the Post Office.

Like this:

Rex Chapman conspiracy tweet
Beyondreasdoubt response

All the same people who promoted RussiaGate are going postal over PO-Anon.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi is calling back Congress to grill the Postmaster General about the PO-Anon conspiracy.

You know, for a party that pretends to be super confident that Biden is going to win in a landslide, they sure are working overtime to find excuses for why Biden is going to lose.

The Q-Anon of the ResistanceLOL is at the same time laughably ridiculous and flat-out infuriating.

These guys aren’t acting like they have 2020 in the bag, are they?

Then again, they’ve been cobbling together excuses for losing in 2020 since 2019.

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3 thoughts on “The Resistance has its own Q-Anon

  • August 17, 2020 at 11:45 am

    Leftists/Democrats remind me of the 350 pound lady I used to see on the bus – talking loudly to herself and screaming at her invisible tormentors. All we can do is pity them… and move away.

  • August 17, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    70 years ago i put up with scorn for my blonde hair and blue eyes – do kids still tell “blond” jokes?

    Now my eduction is ridiculed? “The post office hysteria is QAnon for people with master’s degrees.”

    Im going my room and cry! Where’s my towel!

  • August 18, 2020 at 12:39 am

    WWG1 WGA

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