The Royal Birthday

Well, yippie. It’s Dear Leader’s birthday.

Have you signed the birthday card for His Royal Majesty King Barack?


Well, what in the name of sweet fancy Moses are you waiting for?!

Unless you want to be considered a racist, you better hop to!

Besides you have to thank him for making our utility bills “necessarily skyrocket” so that he can reduce the number of asthma attacks by 90,000 by 2030.

Yeah. He said that.

It’s the Royal Birthday, folks.

Time to party like Nero while America burns!

Let’s hop in the way-back machine to 2014 and take a look at my column from last year’s Royal Birthday. No sense in writing a new one. Nothing has changed. (In case you’re wondering, this column is now available in my second volume of Dianny Rants: RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama)

The Royal Birthday – August 4, 2014

Last Friday at the White House Press Conference, in order to avoid actual questions from reporters, Barack Obama played the put-upon victim and complained that nobody asked him about the Royal birthday.

Boo hoo hoo!

You expect the Enslaved Press to fawn all over you? Do you mean to tell me there aren’t enough sycophantic fanboys and fangirls out there to take to the Twitters and gush over the Royal Birthday?


Birthday tweet

Ah, yes. How stupid of me. Of course we’re expected to put a smile on the simpering little queen’s face. Thanks for killing the economy, Barack! Enjoy the birthday golfing on our dime!!!! Thanks for destroying our southern border and allowing us to be overrun by poor, illiterate foreigners, Barack! Now blow out the candles!

But it is the Royal Birthday. And naturally the invasion of our southern border, the rise of Russia, the war in Gaza, and over 92 million Americans out of the labor force must take a backseat to the celebration of the birth of His Royal Pamperpants.

Who am I kidding? Those things take a backseat to Barack every day of the year.

Because in America in the Age of Obama, it’s all about the Teeny Tiny Sovereign.

Big Fur Hat asked readers at iOwntheWorld what they would like to give Obama on his birthday. My favorite comment?

“His own private cell”

Sounds good to me.

Actually, I hear Gitmo is nice.

Welcome to GITMO

But, seriously, what do you get the guy who steals everything?

Bread and circuses, my friends. Bread and circuses.

Obama behaves more like royalty than Queen Elizabeth the Second. Mark Steyn likes to point out that the Obamas spend more than ten times what the Royal Family spends on vacations and travel each year.

You know it’s bad when the President of a Constitutional Republic is more of a queen than the Queen.

Queen Pamperpants

We’re better than this, you guys. We as a nation deserve better than a petulant, spoiled brat who expects us to “have a little skin in the game” and “pay our fair share” while he lives like royalty.

It is pathetic that Barack Obama continues to steamroll ahead with his pampered lifestyle amidst so much destruction. He doesn’t skip a beat.

How many rounds of golf has he played while Sgt Tahmooressi sits in a jail cell in Mexico?

How many thousands of illegals have crossed our southern border while he’s jetted from one fundraiser to another on our dime?

How many vacations has he taken over the five and a half years that eleven million more Americans left the labor force?

Obama has committed so many impeachable offenses, it would take less time to list the occasions when he actually adheres to his oath of office.

And yet, we are expected to pause and celebrate the Royal Birthday? We need to concern ourselves with putting a smile on his face?!

Don’t worry. He’s smiling. He’s laughing all the way to Martha’s Vineyard.

The American People have been played for marks in the single biggest con job in the history of the world.

While Americans lose wages, jobs, homes and health insurance, the Queen is living large. He’s enjoying every taxpayer-funded moment of his royal life.

We fought a revolution to rid ourselves of a King, only to be stuck with a petty, arrogant little Queen.

Royal Birthday

Sorry, Barack.

You’re not royalty.

You are not our Sovereign.

We have no Sovereign.

We the People, each of us is a sovereign American citizen.

You work for us; we don’t work for you.

I have no intention of bowing and scraping like a pathetic rube hoping against hope to put a smile on your face for the Royal Birthday.

Your birthday matters about as much to me as a Junebug in July.

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  • August 4, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Where does he come up with those 90,000 and 3600 numbers from, hold on I think I know … it’s the symbol of the democrat party and where he gets all his brilliant ideas and stats from.

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