The Sacred Cow

The Sacred Cow

The Wonder Twin powers of the news media and the Democrat Party have activated my friends.

Form of: SHIELD!

Yesterday, in a powerful rebuke of Ilhan Omar’s dismissive indifference to the horrific events of September 11, President Trump tweeted out this video:

And, my how the Left erupted!!!!

Now, just so we’re clear, follow the bouncing ball:

Ilhan Omar, just a couple weeks ago said on camera that Donald J. Trump isn’t human.

And the response from the perpetually outraged? Crickets.

President Trump posts a video of Ilhan Omar herself speaking those dismissive words.

And the response from the perpetually outraged? HE’S INCITING VIOLENCE AGAINST HER!!!!!!!

There are two reasons the Left is all-hands-on-deck over criticism of Ilhan Omar.

The first is obvious: the Left always equates criticism with “hate” and “incitement” because this is the best way to shut down opposing views.

But the reason it is so frenetic and over-the-top in this instance is because Ilhan Omar represents the most Sacred Cow of the PC Left: the Islamist.

She must be protected at all costs – no matter what hateful crap dribbles out of her mouth.

I explained this yesterday in my post “I think Ilhan would get a thumbs up from Khalid.”

Islamists hoped to exploit America’s overly-sensitive PC culture to shield themselves from scrutiny or even criticism.  They want Americans to be afraid of even being critical of Islamists for fear they might be deemed “Islamophobic.”  And in the end, this fear of offending will have the PC Americans tripping all over themselves to accommodate the Islamists.

If I had to venture a guess, I’d say Ilhan Omar is enjoying the heck out of her Sacred Cow status.

She’s not shaking in terror over President Trump’s tweet.

If she’s shaking at all, it’s with delighted glee.

She’s probably giggling into her hand over how easily she got the Wonder Twins of the media and Democrat Party to shield her.

And from behind that shield, she is now free to continue her hateful assault on the American people, on Jews, or, let’s be honest, on anyone she chooses.

This Sacred Cow status will afford Ilhan the luxury of becoming all the more vitriolic.  And no matter what she says, those that made her a Sacred Cow will relentlessly attack anyone who so much as criticizes her.

The reason they’re so infuriated with President Trump’s video is because clearly he refuses to play their game.

This use of a Sacred Cow only works if we play along.

You know, like this:

The Left wants Americans to simply pretend 9/11 never happened.  Erasing our history unmoors us from the past and the experiences that shaped us.  It removes context.  And if there’s one thing the Left hates, it’s context.

They have no problem dismissing the brutal murder of three thousand fellow Americans on 9/11 in order to protect their Sacred Cow.

And the reason they’re becoming completely unhinged today is because those tactics that worked so well in the past don’t seem to be working this time around.

And the reason is obvious.  Like I always say, the Left pushes too hard and too far. And in their frantic scrambling to shield and protect Ilhan Omar, they’re pushing way too far.

It’s one thing to bully Hollywood into refusing to air reruns of Roseanne.

It’s another thing entirely to bully Americans into pretending 9/11 was no big deal.

As I mentioned the other day after Candace Owens made mincemeat of Ted Lieu and Jerry Nadler, “We should no longer stand silently while these cretins play dirty.” 

And they are definitely playing dirty in their defense of their Sacred Cow.

It isn’t enough to simply notice the hypocrisy or double-standard – no matter how satisfying it might be to point it out.

You have to know the motives behind the tactics.

I rarely say, “if you haven’t read this, you really should,” about anything I write.  Ordinarily, I reserve that kind of recommendation for other people’s stuff (like Julie Kelly or Daniel Greenfield). But I’m going to say it now.  If you haven’t read my column from yesterday, read it.

Because when you understand how this works, you are less likely to be hoodwinked.

It’s like a magic trick.  Once you know the mechanics behind it, you’re no longer fooled by it.

Knowledge and understanding are your best weapons in the war of ideas.

Know your enemy.  Know their tactics.

Because when you do, those tactics will never fool you again.

Now matter how desperately they try:

Refuse to bow down to the Left’s latest Sacred Cow.

Because the only way the Sacred Cow tactic works is if you quietly censor yourself and surrender.

Instead, be like President Trump.

Be like Candace Owens.

Do not submit.

Do not back down.

I’m not saying “go big or go home.”

I’m saying go big because if we don’t, we won’t have a home to go to.

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3 thoughts on “The Sacred Cow

  • April 13, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    This post and your previous post are excellent! Thanks.

  • April 13, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Sacred…COW! How apropos!

  • April 15, 2019 at 1:13 am

    The “victim card” is already showing its age with the MN mooslim, her buddy from MI, and Sandy From The Block(head). If you want to criticize the US and most of its population, you better put your Big Girl panties on and expect that they fire back.

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