The Shrew versus Donald Trump

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t endure the entire hour of NBC’s resident shrew Savannah Guthrie debating President Trump in what was supposed to be a town hall for voters.

I don’t know how Trump kept his cool to be honest with you.

Listening to Savannah the Shrew made me think of Stella Mudd.

In fact…

The Shrew versus Donald Trump

Over at the ABC town hall, Joe Biden got the kid glove treatment from Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos.  But in her face-off against Trump, Guthrie was argumentative, combative, disrespectful and constantly interrupting. How long was it before the belligerent shrew finally shut the hell up and actually let an audience member speak?

This tweet about sums it up:

I realize that 99% of television news personalities despise the President. But don’t bill something as a town hall for voters when it isn’t. And that was not a town hall for voters.

Guthrie’s hectoring put Chris Wallace to shame. But like Wallace, she seemed under the impression that her purpose was to debate the President. That wasn’t the purpose.

Ladies, behaving like a frigid, angry shrew doesn’t make you look “empowered” or “strong.”  It makes you look like a frigid, angry shrew.

Don’t ever go full shrew.

If Guthrie thought she was succeeding in making Trump look bad, then not only is she a shrew, she’s an idiot.

It was Guthrie who looked awful. She succeeded only in making Trump look sympathetic.

Like I said, I don’t know how he kept his cool with this fishwife badgering him endlessly. I couldn’t do it.

Someone should nominate President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize just for having enough self-restraint to avoid punching Savannah in the mouth.

Could you imagine Biden’s reaction if Savannah treated him so disrespectfully? By the third interruption, old hot-head Joe would be calling her names, shoving his finger in her face and pissing himself in rage.

Come to think of it, back in February Savannah Guthrie did interview Joe for the Today show, and he lost his marbles when she questioned him about Hunter. Remember? And she wasn’t nearly as combative and rude as she was last night.

Which might explain why, despite it being the biggest story of the day, George Stephanopoulos didn’t say word one about the New York Post’s Hunter Biden exposé.

Well, that and the fact that George wants Biden to win.

And so does Savannah.

Fortunately for President Trump, after four solid years of dealing with a hateful news media, even Savannah the Shrew couldn’t get the better of him.

And, see, if this had been an interview with the President, though I still would have though her a shrew, Savannah’s badgering wouldn’t have bothered me as much. But this was supposed to be a town hall. And Savannah’s performative anger had no place in a town hall.

And while I’m sure Savannah’s fellow Trump-haters in the media and the ResistanceLOL loved, loved, loved her hectoring performance, it did nothing to inform voters which, at the end of the day, is supposed to be the job of our garbage news media.

Savannah beclowned herself for nothing. In the end, her shameful performance was all sound and fury signifying nothing.

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8 thoughts on “The Shrew versus Donald Trump

  • October 16, 2020 at 9:22 am

    These malignant, foam-at-the-mouth leftists don’t understand regular two-dimensional chess, much less the 8-dimensional version President Trump is playing. He doesn’t want, or need, “moderators” to coddle him or toss softball questions. He is secure in sitting back, displaying his trademark smirk, and letting his opponent bash themselves helplessly against the juggernaut he has become. His love for, and support of, this country shines through each time he speaks, regardless of the circumstance. It is highly likely the silent majority will propel him to a landslide victory second term, despite the widespread occurrences of voter fraud already being uncovered.

  • October 16, 2020 at 10:34 am

    I agree. These idiots in the MSM like Guthrie, Fredo, Lemon et al. think for some reason when they lash out, interrupt and attempt to ridicule DJT they are hurting him in some way. The Donald loves this! Don’t they understand anyone accustomed to doing business in New York City and the world has a thick skin made necessary by dealing with some rough characters? He’s like the tar baby in the Uncle Remus story. They give him their most wicked shot, he absorbs it and they get stuck on him for good. Their obvious, woeful performances leave them muttering and foaming in impotent rage. Rather comical to watch.

  • October 16, 2020 at 1:14 pm

    And Savannah needs to look up Pelosi’s hairdresser for a wash and blow dry to get rid of that greasy-haired homeless look.

    • October 16, 2020 at 8:35 pm

      Thought the same thing. Her hair was a freakin’ disaster.

  • October 16, 2020 at 6:49 pm

    I love when you use Star Trek episode examples! Original Star Trek is still my all time favorite.

  • October 16, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    Our president has the patience of Job, he can keep up with the barrages of these fake news mutts, then knock out a few huge rallies after. Retart Biden is given a two hour hand job by “Throaty” Stephenopolous, and has his little answers pre-written(he actually pulled the note paper out), then Biden runs away. President Trump is the man for the presidency, he deserves TWO MORE TERMS.

  • October 17, 2020 at 12:08 am

    I thought i saw the president scooting his chair back a few inches at a time to avoid the spittle.

  • October 17, 2020 at 8:30 am

    These debates are such a farce. Turns out most of the “questioners” at Slow Joe’s hug-a-thon are democrat operatives. One thing you can’t say is that they ever quit. They’ve been trying for four years and still can’t rattle him.

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