The Snake in the Garden

During the only Clinton Presidency this nation will ever endure (Fun dayn moyl in gots oyern), the United States struck a “deal” with our enemy North Korea ostensibly to prevent them from pursuing nuclear weapons.

In announcing the deal, the only President Clinton we will ever endure said this:

Good afternoon. I am pleased that the United States and North Korea yesterday reached agreement on the text of a framework document on North Korea’s nuclear program. This agreement will help to achieve a longstanding and vital American objective: an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula.
This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world. It reduces the danger of the threat of nuclear spreading in the region. It’s a crucial step toward drawing North Korea into the global community.

The one and only President Clinton also said this:

The United States has been concerned about the possibility that North Korea was developing nuclear weapons since the 1980’s. Three administrations have tried to bring this nuclear program under international control. There is nothing more important to our security and to the world’s stability than preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. And the United States has an unshakeable commitment to protect our ally and our fellow democracy South Korea. Thirty-eight thousand American troops stationed on the Peninsula are the guarantors of that commitment.
Today, after 16 months of intense and difficult negotiations with North Korea, we have completed an agreement that will make the United States, the Korean Peninsula, and the world safer. Under the agreement, North Korea has agreed to freeze its existing nuclear program and to accept international inspection of all existing facilities.
This agreement represents the first step on the road to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. It does not rely on trust. Compliance will be certified by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The United States and North Korea have also agreed to ease trade restrictions and to move toward establishing liaison offices in each other’s capitals. These offices will ease North Korea’s isolation.

Today, North Korea is one of the nuclear powers on this earth.

Today, North Korea is just as isolated and separated from the “global community” as it was in 1994.

Today, North Korea remains a threat to not only the Korean Peninsula, but, along with its ally China, the entire region of Southeast Asia.

Tell me, Bill. Was it good for you?

Because it sure as hell wasn’t good for America or the world.

The sad reality is Democrats never, ever learn from history.

That’s because the Liberal brain tends to erase all memory of anything that happened longer than ten minutes ago.

It’s how they manage to portray themselves as the warriors for Civil Rights when they were, in fact, the warriors opposing Civil Rights.

History for Democrats doesn’t extend much beyond last Tuesday.

Obama himself loves to brag that he is “a student of history.” Maybe so. But he is a solid D student of history.

Experience is the greatest teacher.

And experience teaches us a lot.

Deals made with untrustworthy partners are rarely worth the paper they’re written on.

Just ask Hitler and Stalin. Those two made a deal. Then Hitler invaded Russia.

Just ask North Korea and America. That deal of Clinton’s did nothing to stop the communist throwbacks from become a nuclear communist throwback.

Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Bad deals with untrustworthy regimes always blow up in our faces.

How much more so when you’re talking about a regime like Iran that believes it can violate any deal made with what it considers an “infidel.”

Iran has for nearly forty years funded and sponsored terrorism throughout the globe. No sanctions have stopped them. It wants to possess nuclear weaponry. And no “deal” will stop them.

Iran is set on a trajectory to become a nuclear power. And, nothing about this “deal” will change that.

Iran seeks to gain hegemony in the Middle East, and this deal effectively will help them achieve that.

This “deal” will disrupt the balance of power in the Middle East, and the extent of the damage this will cause is, at this point, immeasurable.

Unlike North Korea which is an isolated country with very little influence outside of its region, Iran has fingers meddling everywhere.

Obama’s moronic claim that this “deal” was made from a position of strength when he has been dismantling our military, downsizing our troops — except for the transgendered ones — shrinking the size of our Navy and unilaterally disarming us of nuclear weapons is all manner of absurd.

The reason we finally defeated the Soviet Union without firing a shot was not because we unilaterally disarmed and hoped upon hope that they would honor some “deal.”

We won because we outspent them. We built up our military, our nuclear arsenal, and continued to pursue the Strategic Defense Initiative (the same technology Israel now uses in their “Iron Dome” anti-missile system). The Soviets demanded that we stop working on SDI. Reagan’s response was not to bow to their demands. No. He got up and walked away from the table.

In the end, the Soviets couldn’t keep up. It crippled them financially and economically. It forced them into submission.

That, President Obama, is negotiating from a place of strength.

You didn’t negotiate from a position of strength, but timid, reckless weakness.

This morning, as Barack Obama bragged to the world that he let the snake in the garden said:

History shows that America must lead, not just with our might…

What might? Barack Obama is dismantling our military. What might?!

but with our principles.

Since when has unilateral disarmament and reckless pandering to enemies been an American principle?

It shows we are stronger, not when we are alone, but when we bring the world together.

Bringing the world together by clearing the path for a nuclear Iran? What? Are we joined in our mutual terror? I don’t know about you, but that kind of togetherness is something I think this world can do without.

Today’s announcement marks one more chapter in this pursuit of a safer and more helpful, more hopeful world.

Safer, more helpful and more hopeful world?

Next stop UTOPIA!!!

Hey, Israel. Are you guys feeling hopeful? Safer?

Yes, let’s be helpful to Iran by bowing to their every demand and doing nothing to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power in the Middle East. That’s a capital idea, Barry.

Dear, God. And we thought Bill Clinton was a deeply dangerous, inept and treasonous puke.

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