The tale of Fish Tank Lady takes an unsurprising turn

The tale of Fish Tank Lady takes an unsurprising turn

It was just last month that NBC News eagerly reported the story of the Arizona couple who allegedly ingested a fish tank additive containing chloroquine phosphate because Trump told them to.

Boy, were they excited! They promoted the hell out of Fish Tank lady — letting her rail against President Trump for the death of her husband. Every news outlet picked up NBC News’ report and shouted it from the rooftops.

But once the story started to fall apart, NBC News dropped it faster than a hot rock.

Not that it mattered.  They got what they wanted from it. The narrative was set: Couple ingests fish tank additive on the advice of President Trump.  And now one of them is DEAD!!!! Because ORANGE MAN BAD!!!

While many of us were more than a little suspicious from the outset, it really doesn’t surprise me that the crack reporters who first broke this story lacked the interest in investigating it further.

There’s a reason Rush Limbaugh calls them the “Drive-By Media.”

And the Fish Tank Lady story is the typical drive-by hit from our garbage media.  Once the narrative was out there, their work was done.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along.

Well, the Washington Free Beacon didn’t move along.  Reporter Alana Goodman actually acted like, you know, a journalist, and kept looking into this shady Fish Tank Lady’s story.

And the more Goodman investigated, the shadier Fish Tank Lady’s story became.  She wasn’t a Trump supporter at all – rather, she was a devoted member of the ResistanceLOL who regularly donated to Democrat and Leftist causes.

Goodman interviewed friends of the couple who were astonished that Fish Tank Lady’s husband would do anything so incredibly stupid as to ingest fish tank additive.  These friends also voiced concerns over Fish Tank Lady’s emotional and mental state.

Well, last night, Alana Goodman broke the story that the Mesa City Police Department’s homicide division is investigating the death of Fish Tank Lady’s husband.

A detective handling the case confirmed the investigation to the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday after requesting a recording of the Free Beacon’s interviews with Lenius’s wife, Wanda.

Gary Lenius, 68, died on March 22. Wanda, 61, told several news outlets last month that both she and her husband had ingested a substance used to clean aquariums after hearing President Donald Trump tout one of its ingredients, chloroquine phosphate, from the White House briefing room.

Detective Teresa Van Galder, the homicide detective handling the case for the Mesa City Police Department, confirmed that the investigation is ongoing but declined to provide additional details.

“As this is an active investigation, I cannot go into any details at this time regarding the case,” Van Galder said. The Free Beacon provided a recording of its interview last month with Wanda Lenius.

Funny how NBC News reporters couldn’t be bothered to do any kind of deep dive into this story, isn’t it?

No.  Not really.

They can’t pin it on President Trump, so NBC News and the rest of the garbage media are just going to ignore it like it never, ever happened.

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2 thoughts on “The tale of Fish Tank Lady takes an unsurprising turn

  • April 29, 2020 at 11:15 am

    hydroxychloroquine is obviously the same chemical as chloroquine phosphate, right? Hey, it’s close enough. She gets to kill her husband and blame on the Orange man. It’s the perfect crime for a moron

  • April 30, 2020 at 11:17 am
    The black Polish Rep. in Ohio sounds even more deranged now, is that possible?
    Where do the Polish go to get their reputation back?
    As much as I dislike Twatter, it sure brings out the crazy.
    “Bring out your crazy.” – Jack Dorsey
    apologies to Monty Python

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