The Treasonous Emperor Strikes Back

Last night I did some Photoshops along a Star Trek theme. And I started thinking, maybe I should do one with a Star Wars theme.

Then I saw Bill Whittle’s latest “Afterburner,” and it hit me.

The Treasonous Emperor Strikes Back.

The Treasonous Emperor Strikes Back

The truth is, Barack Obama’s decision to ignore the warnings of ISIS that they would secrete among refugees their own fighters isn’t just deeply stupid; it is treason. The President of the United States must always put the safety of the American people ahead of all else. To not seek to limit the refugees to ethnic groups most at risk of not just persecution but annihilation at the hands of these Islamic radical is not in keeping with the long traditions and laws that this nation has with regard to refugees.

Barack Obama is putting his own devotion to Islam ahead of national security, US laws and reality. He has tied the hands of our military and refuses to seek victory over a brutal, demonic and evil foe.

Rush is right. Obama has become dangerous.

And the only thing that plays into the hands of these monsters, the only thing that is the single greatest recruiting tool of these animals is the man who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

With that in mind, here is the incomparable Bill Whittle’s latest “Afterburner.” Nobody tackles this issue with more force, insight and dead-on accuracy than he.

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One thought on “The Treasonous Emperor Strikes Back

  • November 21, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Obama is not the person most American’s believe him to be. He is definately not the messiah figure. There are many opinions on just who this jerk is and most are at least partially correct. He is definately a traitor first and foremost to our nation and the rest of the free world. He has always been a traitor to this nation and we the people. He is so many evil philosophies wrapped up in a single package. He is pure evil. He is of the opposition. He is extreme DARKNESS. There is no LIGHT in his soul. He is of the DEVIL. Judge him by his fruits, all of which are rotten. His followers are the same, they too are of the darkness. There are, and always have been, only two opposing sides in the universe: Light (The Creator God Almighty, righteousness and Freedom), or Darkness (The Destroyer Satan, Evil and Slavery). Neutral doesn’t count. If you are not part of the Light, then you are doing the work of the Dark. WE THE PEOPLE will never fully recover from the horrors that this evil som-buck has inflicted upon our nation, and the world. Obama is not done yet. He will be a major player for Darkness right up to the end. But a promise from the LIGHT is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is not over yet. The Darkness will not win the war. We must each choose which side we will serve. Pray for forgiveness, pray for safety and strength, pray for and support righteous leaders in the world who stand up against the powers of darkness. As for me and my house we will follow the Lord. Come into the light!! May God Bless you!

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