The True Trump Cult

The True Trump Cult

I don’t know why they say Trump supporters are a cult. From where I’m sitting, it seems to me the true Trump Cult is the American news media.

They can’t function without the guy.

Donald Trump has been their raison d’être for over four years. And even now that he’s out of office, the Media Trump Cult just can’t quit him.

From how often they report on him, write about him and toss his name into every on-air panel, you’d think Donald Trump was still the President.

As Kurt Schlichter put it in his Townhall column today, “Trump moves out of the White House and into their heads.”

The truth is that they want Trump. They need Trump. They cannot let him go. Trump truly is the greatest real estate magnate ever, since he owns all the space inside the Establishment’s bloated heads.

You know, in 2017 I joked that Hillary Clinton was like the chick who won’t let go. She couldn’t make it through a single interview without obsessing over Trump.

Trump, Trump, Trump.

Like a bitter woman who ruins every social gathering by carping endlessly about her no-good ex, Hillary couldn’t let go. She couldn’t quit him.

Now Hillary has a hell of a lot of company.

The True Trump Cult includes the news media, Hollywood celebrities, NeverTrump “pundits” Democrats in Congress, and disgruntled blue checkmarks on Twitter. Even the White House reporters keep circling back to Trump. They just can’t quit him.

For the Trump Cult in the news media, the loss of their raison d’être has caused their ratings to plummet.

According to Variety, CNN’s primetime ratings crashed like a Malaysian jetliner.

CNN’s saw a 44% drop in audience post-Trump.

Then again, maybe those viewers got swallowed up by a black hole. I’ll check with Don Lemon and get back to you.

The entire media/DC Establishment is so steeped in Trump, they can think of nothing else.

But they aren’t the only ones drinking the Trump Cult Kool-Aid.

I was over at this morning and saw this headline: “Chicago Mayor Blames Trump for Chicago Public School Crisis.”

Good grief. These people.

They just can’t quit him.

And the absolutely hilarious part is these are the same people who think we Trump voters are the ones who need to be deprogrammed.

Talk about a lack of self-awareness.

If you can’t function or even make it through the day without obsessing about the guy, you should really look in the mirror and ask “Am I in the Trump Cult?”

They need him.

They just can’t quit him.

And without him, they are nothing.

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2 thoughts on “The True Trump Cult

  • February 4, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    They were nothing before Trump, nothing during Trump, and even less than nothing after Trump.

  • February 4, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Seen on Twitter- @TRHLofficial

    CNN: It’s so peaceful without Trump.

    CNN: Yup, so peaceful.

    CNN: So much peace.



    CNN: I wonder what Trump is doing…

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