The Trump Curse claims another victim

The Trump Curse claims another victim

You know, as a general rule I don’t believe in curses.

But I’m beginning to suspect there’s some credence to the supposed Trump Curse.

You gotta admit, it is odd how everyone who goes gunning for President Trump always ends up shooting themselves in the face.

And now the big-mouth porn lawyer who vowed to be the one to take down Donald Trump seems to be the latest victim.

Boy, it must have galled CNN to write that headline.

After all, those dolts served as Avenatti’s personal fluffers – stoking his ego and hanging on his every bombastic word.

He was going to be the perfect challenger to President Trump in 2020!

So thought the tubby Brian Stelter.

How many times did MSNBC and CNN invite this clown on? Over a hundred times*? (NOTE: See Update)

And they weren’t the only ones who built this guy up like the Second Coming of Obama.

The Macbeth Witches … I mean the ladies from the View slobbered all over this guy. So did late night hosts and Hollywood celebrities.

For those of us on Planet Earth, the fawning over Michael Avenatti was just, well, embarrassing.

Because normal people knew Avenatti was a creepy shyster the first time we heard him utter a word.

In fact, in May of last year, I warned that the media’s fawning over the creepy porn lawyer would result in Suicide by Avenatti.

Not that I’m saying, “I told you so.”

Because I’m not.

Though I do want to thank Michael for giving me so many Photoshop ideas. Like this one:

The Trump Curse claims another victim-02

Although if there is one person who has earned the right to bellow, “I told you so,” it’s a defense attorney and writer for the Federalist who goes by the pseudonym Caroline Court.

On April 23 of last year, shortly after the Creepy Porn Lawyer came on the scene “Caroline Court” wrote “Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer is Out-Prostituting Her on TV.” 

This is where I take issue with Avenatti. While he’s an attorney at law, he’s acting like he’s on an episode of Maury Povich about to reveal that Stormy fathered a child by the president.

She spent the next several months tearing Avanetti apart like he was a defendant and she was the prosecutor.  Her columns are both scathing and endlessly entertaining. And you really should read them.

Frankly, I don’t blame her if she takes a little victory lap over this.

Oh, come on!  You can take a bigger victory lap than that!

But the truth is, the Trump Curse that struck Avenatti was of the thermo-nuclear variety. And thanks to their constantly fluffing the guy, the news media will be hit with the fall-out.

David Rutz from the Free Beacon put together this painful yet hilarious SUPERcut called “24 Hours of Avenatti” that reveals just how invested these supposed “Firefighters” were in the Avenatti Clown Show:

I’m sure the media will do what they always do: bank on their viewers’ short attention span, and simply pretend all that gushing fan-girling never ever happened.

Finally, there has to be one other person who is enjoying the Avenatti edition of the Trump Curse.  And that’s Donald Trump Junior.

After all:

#Winning — what a maroon.

Well, here it is three and a half months after Don Junior’s birthday and the only person indicted is, well, Michael Avenatti.

There must be a Trump Junior Curse too.

Is it wrong that so many of us are taking a little pleasure in the fall of Michael Avenatti?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

The truth is, in life, like in fiction, there are heroes and there villains.

And Michael Avenatti, through arrogance and spite, chose to be a villain.  He wasn’t an innocent bystander who got caught up in a media feeding frenzy.  Instead, he offered himself up as the feast – all so he could make a name for himself by taking aim at the President. And like an evil mastermind, he played on the media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome to beef up his own celebrity.

And now that his vainglorious lust for fame has blown up in his face like a trick cigar, I can’t help but savor his comeuppance.


According to Newsbusters, TV news hosted Michael Avenatti 254 times in one year. That’s a lot for them to ignore.

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3 thoughts on “The Trump Curse claims another victim

  • April 11, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Tucker’s smackdown with the CPL a few months ago was one of THE best ever.

    I am enjoying this; and I hope Avenatti gets to pick up a lot of soap while in prison.

    • April 11, 2019 at 4:45 pm

      Wait until he meets the Hurtz brothers big Dick and Howard.

  • April 11, 2019 at 5:28 pm

    You need to mention the rapper killed who was in the F Donald Trump song.

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