The Trumps visit the Troops and the Media Scrambles

The Trumps visit the Troops

Since Thanksgiving, the media has been clutching its pearls and weeping tears of rage that President Trump has not visited combat troops since he was elected.

“What a chicken he is,” they sniffed with derision. “Trump is too afraid for his own safety to take the time to visit our troops deployed in war zones.  Well, what should  you expect from President Bone Spurs? He’s just a coward! He doesn’t respect our troops the way WE do!”

Christmas night, the Trumps boarded Air Force One and took off for al Asad airbase in Iraq to visit the troops.

Ironically, just hours before the Trump’s left for Iraq, NBC published a report lambasting him for being the first President to not visit combat troops at Christmas since 2002.

Naturally, the anti-Trumpers leapt on that story like hyenas after a carcass.

Poor Rick.  The Trumps were well on their way to Iraq went he tweeted this. I wonder if he ever gets tired of being wrong.

Now with the “Trump won’t visit our troops” narrative busted, the snotty idiots in the media scrambled to find a new reason to complain.

Good grief.  These people are shameless, aren’t they?

And when the troops turned up with MAGA hats for the President to sign – and even holding a Trump flag —  those same weepy “journalists” who cared so much about the troops it broke their hearts Trump wouldn’t visit them shifted gears again.

Amazing, isn’t it – how every member of the ResistanceLOL is now an expert on the military code of conduct.

“Find out who that woman is!  She should be prosecuted for this!”

Yes, really. They’re that horrible.

Well, of course they did.

I’ve said too many times to count that it isn’t Donald Trump they hate; they hate us.

The media have spent two years trying to convince us that President Trump is despised by everyone.  The goal has been to convince you that you are completely alone in supporting this President.  They want you marginalized and isolated.

And the last thing they want is for us to see video or photographic proof that President Trump is wildly popular among the military.

So when that’s exactly what we see, the media naturally shifts to finding something wrong with those men and women in uniform who support their Commander-in-Chief.

Because the news media is filled with wretched, angry people.

The media is so busy scrambling to find some reason to attack President Trump for visiting the troops that they failed to mention that Melania is the very first First Lady to visit our combat troops in Iraq since the war began fifteen years ago.

But of course they don’t mention that.

The news media’s hatred for Donald Trump is like a lobster trap – easy to get in, impossible to get out.  There’s no coming back from it, ever.

It’s why they don’t care that they routinely end up with egg on their faces when they get stories wrong.

And it’s why they have no problem taking one position then, the very next day, taking the opposite position.

Destroying Trump is their end goal.  And like suicide bombers, the news media really doesn’t care if they destroy themselves in the process.

So screw ‘em.

Sit back and enjoy this short video of the Trumps visit to our troops.

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2 thoughts on “The Trumps visit the Troops and the Media Scrambles

  • December 28, 2018 at 7:51 am

    I remember when they criticize Bush for visiting troops.

  • December 28, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    This is why I support Trump. He treats the media the way I would if I could.

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