The Tyranny of the Collective

Tyranny of the Collective

If I had to pick one thing that is the greatest threat to the Left, it wouldn’t be a conservative Supreme Court, the make-up of the US Senate or even the Constitution.

No, if I had to narrow down the list to one specific thing, it would be the Individual.

For the modern-day Left, the Individual poses the greatest threat. And the reason is clear to me.

The Left is a collective.

Individual rights, individual liberties, individual sovereignty all threaten the collective.

This is why the angry feminists are attacking women who do not march in lock-step with them.

As I said in my column yesterday afternoon, Leftist women demand uniformity of thought and ideology among all women.

Women of so-called “privilege” owe it to their “marginalized” sisters to forgo their own individual goals and pursuits for the good of the collective.

And if we refuse, we are scorned, attacked and vilified.

Women are not individuals to these people; they are merely a part of a whole – a collective. And by choosing to be an Individual, you are smeared as being “selfish.”

That’s why in February of 2017, I called them the Feminist Borg.

They never think, speak or act as individuals.

Because they don’t see themselves as individual women. Instead, they demand to be seen as a collective.

It’s stunning to me that they don’t seem at all concerned by this level of groupthink.

In a nation established on Individual Liberty and Sovereignty, these feminists are casting aside their own individuality in favor of the collective.

How incredibly pathetic is that?

If you can’t tell where one person ends and another begins, you have some serious problems.

I’m a woman. But I see myself as an individual – separate, unique, sovereign.

I don’t for one moment think Donald Trump was calling me a nasty woman just because he said of Hillary “such a nasty woman.”

Hillary and I are not one person. We are not one entity.

Thank God.

If you insult her, you’re insulting her, not all womankind.

And it never entered my mind to take to Twitter and declare that I will not be silent just because the Senate voted to cut off that glory-hound Liz Warren.

The Modern Feminist Borg Collective eschews individualism.

This is why they all don hijabs and declare “We are all Muslim.”

It’s why they encouraged every woman to march wearing a knitted pussy hat.

And no, this isn’t about “solidarity.” It goes far beyond that.

This is an absolute rejection of individuality.

It’s a mob mentality.

And it is completely antithetical to our American heritage.

But it isn’t just women on the Left that demand this uniformity of thought.

They all do.

The individual threatens the collective. So the individual must be destroyed.

When we say the Left is anti-American, this is exactly why.

Our entire nation was established on the foundation of Individual Liberty and Sovereignty.

Sure, they hate our Constitution. They hate our representative, republican government.

But it all stems from the same thing: they prefer collective tyranny over the individual.

It’s why universities won’t allow diversity of thought.

Ditto social media.

It’s why Hollywood backlists anyone who doesn’t think like the Hollywood Hive.

And it’s why black conservatives are relentlessly attacked and smeared as being “Uncle Toms.”

You must remain within your tribe – within your assigned collective. Individuality is repugnant to them.

This isn’t new. The Left has been that way for years.

It’s just now, as Tammy Bruce put it, they’re exposing themselves for what they truly are.

You are not to think for yourself or vote for what is best for you — or in any way pursue your own individual interests.

Hell, watch this video. You can’t even speak for yourself.

The Collective matters more than the Individual. Self-interest is a sin.

This is the America the Left wants.

You must submit to the Collective and if you do not, you will be driven out of the public square, harassed, attacked and forced to live in fear.

It should concern every one of us that this sentiment isn’t coming just from fringe extremists like the kook in that video, but from elected members of Democrat Party – from Maxine Waters to Kirsten Gillibrand to Mazie Hirono.

It is the modern day Democrat Party.

And this is exactly why in November we have to vote as if our Individual Liberty is at risk.

Because with the Democrats in power, it most certainly is.

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4 thoughts on “The Tyranny of the Collective

  • October 9, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    If these Borg-type fembots looked like Jeri Ryan, I might consider being absorbed into the collective. But typically these malevolent FemeNazis are the ugliest women on the planet, which probably at least partially explains their anger. Resistance is NOT Futile!

  • October 9, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Hell, Dianny, it’s coming from their presidential candidate who said you can’t be civil with Republicans.

  • October 10, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    I, as an individual, will not silence my opinion. I, as an individual, will not stop ME…a believer in Christ, a white woman who takes each person as an individual, with love and respect, until you prove otherwise, then I will pray for you, as an individual, and if you hate me because I am an individual, then I say, OK, and will bow my head and give it to Jesus

  • October 10, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    These people really love making themselves feel important, don’t they?
    They see nothing but injustice and it gives them, the perpetual victim, an opportunity to get attention from strangers and to feel like their life means something.
    Including that nutbag Alyssa Morono.

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