The Upper Crust

While Donald Trump has been traveling the country campaigning for President, Hillary Clinton has been rubbing shoulders with the Upper Crust.

Of course, she’s not rubbing shoulders too hard. She’s too frail for that.

The only events Hillary has held — save for her ridiculous “Trump is a big fat racist” speech — have been “lavish fundraisers” among the Upper Crust.

The über-wealthy in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons and Beverly Hills are more than happy to dip into their Botox money and make the Clinton campaign coffers swell with cash.

Because there’s something in it for them.

When Hillary says she wants to get big money out of campaigns, she didn’t mean her own, silly!

Remember the old stereotype that Republicans were the party of the Rich?

Yeah. Not so much.

The last eight years have been very good to the Upper Crust. And Hillary, like Obama, knows on what side her bread is buttered.

These people have no doubt that their fortunes will increase with Hillary in the White House. If the Clinton Foundation scandal has shown them anything, it’s that Hillary is open to pay-to-play. This scandal isn’t upsetting them in the least. It’s made the giddy as school girls.

Hillary will bend over ass backwards for anyone willing to pay for the privilege.

The Upper Crust like the status quo.

Government meddling in the economy means a windfall for these people.

Crony Capitalism only thrives when there are greedy, willing politicians to play along.

There’s never been a more willing or greedy politician than Hillary Rodham Clinton. She puts the “Crony” in Crony Capitalism.

If a Saudi Prince offered to pay her a hundred million dollars to sell Chelsea into sex slavery, Hillary would have packed Chelsea’s bags.

The Upper Crust aren’t donating to her because they are excited about her agenda or her policy proposals. And there is absolutely nothing altruistic or patriotic about it. They aren’t civic minded, they’re self-centered opportunists.

The Upper Crust are well aware that Hillary Clinton can be bought, and they aim to buy her.

More importantly, they know Hillary is more than happy to be bought — as she has proven time and time again.

For the Upper Crust, a donation to Hillary Clinton’s campaign is an investment in making sure nothing in Washington changes.

When the Government is run by Democrats, the rich get wildly richer while the rest of us can go straight to hell.

It’s a finely tuned system.

They don’t despise Donald Trump out of some sense of moral outrage. Their hatred for Trump is all about the Benjamins, my friends.

Trump is giving every indication that he won’t play ball.

A Hillary presidency is their best hope for maintaining the status quo.

These are the same people who paid Hillary a quarter million dollars a pop for a twenty minute speech. They know that Hillary will play ball. They know if they scratch her back (but not too hard; she’s feeble after all), she will happily scratch theirs when she gets to the White House.

So while Donald is busy appealing to the voters, Hillary is setting up her next big Pay-to-Play scheme. This time from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Upper Crust

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  • August 30, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    Ever since these Arkansas grifters slithered into town it’s been a well-known fact they’re both for sale.The Chinese were surprised how cheap they were.Invest a couple million,rake in billions in federal dough.Far better return than even cattle futures.

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