The Wannabe Dictator is Tripling Down

The Wannabe Dictator is Tripling Down

I mentioned yesterday that wannabe dictator Kamala Harris told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Twitter must suspend President Trump’s account.

Because words are harmful … or something.

And since the news was widely reported on, the little wannabe dictator thought she struck gold and landed on a campaign-winning strategy.  So naturally she is doubling and tripling down.

Last night, Kamala went full-on tattletale and took her demands directly to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

But the little wannabe dictator wasn’t satisfied with just tweeting to Jack.


Harris actually sent a two-page letter to Jack Dorsey on campaign letterhead demanding he suspend President Trump.

It’s as if she doesn’t think we all know what she’s doing here.

Like I said yesterday, Trump uses Twitter very effectively both to counter the dishonest, corrupt media and to go over their heads entirely.

Kamala knows that.

She isn’t trying to get Trump suspended because his tweets are “threatening.” Nobody with half a brain thinks that’s her intent.

She’s doing it in an attempt to kneecap a political opponent.

These morons aren’t nearly as sneaky or smart as they think they are.

Kamala does realize that she’s supposedly running for President of the United States and not Official Twitter Hall Monitor, right?

This “Get Trump Banned” campaign of hers makes her look simultaneously petty and dictatorial.

Yet for some reason, this dictator wannabe actually thinks this is a winning strategy.

Yeah, it isn’t.

It is just as idiotic as Team Biden demanding the news media stop booking Rudy Giuliani.

But this is who Democrats are.  They are full of stupid and reckless ideas. And since their default position is tyranny, inevitably they exposed their dictatorial tendencies.

Kamala isn’t the only wannabe dictator in the 2020 Democrat Clown Car. They pretty much all are.

She’s just the most desperate.

Now, I get it.  Kamala launched her campaign certain that she would be Obama in a skirt.  In her cockiness, she really did believe she’d glide to the nomination like shit through a goose.

And it ain’t happening.

Her poll numbers are cratering.  She’s losing the support of big-money donors.

Even a pipsqueak mayor from a high crime city in Indiana is besting her.

So in her desperation, Kamala decides her best course of action is to launch a campaign to drive the Republican incumbent off of Twitter.

And since she’s spent the last two days doubling and tripling down on this ridiculous ploy, I think it’s safe to say she isn’t going to stop until it blows up in her face.

It’s like I always say.  Democrats have no REVERSE.  They can never throttle down.  They will always push too hard and too far.

And it never ever ends the way they intended.

So good luck, Kamala. You’re going to need it.

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3 thoughts on “The Wannabe Dictator is Tripling Down

  • October 2, 2019 at 11:53 am

    Kamalalala is desperate. At this point she and her so called advisors, (actually not a good description ), don’t even begin to think about what they are saying. As the saying goes “shoot first and ask questions later”.

  • October 2, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    In my high school English class (circa 1962) I learned that poetry offers the reader the sublime without the effort of logical thought processes — how apropos for Senator Harris and the rest of the dim-witted Dems. So I take this opportunity to recommend a poem for Senator Harris as she sails down the river of no return. It’s from Ogden Nash: “Reflection on Ingenuity…..Here’s a good rule thumb. Too clever is dumb.”

  • October 3, 2019 at 6:44 am

    “Obama in a skirt”? I never see in anything but a “Pant Suit”. Think about that.

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