They Can’t Cut it

All eight women in the first ever co-ed class of the Army Ranger School failed to complete the training.

Everyone who doesn’t reside on Planet Earth is stunned.

The rest of us? Not so much.

Look. They can’t cut it.

No offense to the women. I’m sure they are fine soldiers. And, frankly, I’m certain that every single one of them could kick my ass into next Sunday.

But in the field of battle, Special Forces are never deployed to combat a regiment of Diannys.

They have to be in the top tier of physical strength and endurance.

And women simply cannot handle the rigorous demands required to be a Ranger.


Prior to the start of this social experiment, most people who have even a glancing association with special forces knew this was an experiment destined to fail.

As much as men and women are all equal under the law, the truth is, we are not physically equal.

Hold on to your hats, Liberals.

Men and women are physically different.

I know!

You’re stunned!

Naturally, as should be expected in the Age of Obama, there is now a call for the rigorous standards to be mitigated in order to have a successful female Army Ranger.

In other words, to get a girl through the program, the girl needs a boost.

Which kinda proves my point.

Men and women are physically different, so in order for a woman to be an Army Ranger, we have to lower the standards in order to accommodate her.

Doesn’t that kind of make them less then Special Forces?

Doesn’t that kind of make them the Not-So-Special Forces?

I don’t exactly find much comfort in the fact that the Well-Meaning Do-Gooders in the Obama Administration care more about being politically correct than they do about making sure the Army Rangers “be all that they can be.”

I don’t know about you. But if I get taken hostage by ISIS and we have a President who actually wants to rescue American hostages, and the Rangers are called in to rescue me, please don’t send the girls.

I don’t want my fate in the hands of the Not-So-Special Forces.

No offense, ladies, but in the real world, the Rangers aren’t going to go into a field of operation with an enemy that will accommodate the fairer sex.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Nobody in ISIS is going to say to the girls, “Listen, honey, we won’t run as fast when you’re chasing us.”

They’re not going to hide out in an easier-to-scale building so that the girls can make it to the roof.

There are no training wheels in combat.

Political correctness and the US Military cannot coexist.

There will be casualties.

And my guess is, the Army Rangerette who is struggling to climb that rope under gunfire is going to be one of them.

Hat Tip CNS News.

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