They’re not Guardians of the Truth; they’re Guardians of the Lie


Stop and think about this. If CNN or MSNBC had to stop fanning the flames over RussiaGate, their 24-hour news cycle would be reduced to about twenty-four minutes.

For months now, they’ve been beating the drums over Russia, Russia, Russia.

And what have they to show for it?

A big fat goose-egg.

But that doesn’t stop them, does it?

The fact is, the hacks at CNN and MSNBC are not Guardians of the Truth.

Trust me. The truth is irrelevant to these people.

What matters to them is protecting the Lie.

Just consider their unwillingness to send one investigative reporter after the Seth Rich story.

After all, the murder of Seth Rich and his alleged ties to WikiLeaks are back in the news.

And by “back in the news,” I certainly don’t mean on CNN.

I once again ran a search of their website for the name “Seth Rich.” And once again, the only story listed is the one they posted after his murder last July.

If they were really Guardians of the Truth, don’t you think they’d be interested?

I know. Who am I kidding? These guys aren’t Guardians of the Truth.

They’re Guardians of the Lie.

And the Lie is “Russia hacked the election.”

It is the very Lie Team Clinton concocted 48 hours after Hillary’s humiliating defeat.

And the job of the Fake News is to keep that Lie alive.

Let’s be honest. This story about Seth Rich endangers the Lie. So they ignore it.

Now, Sean Hannity is talking about Seth Rich’s murder and his possible links to WikiLeaks.

And the Guardians of the Lie are calling him out for peddling “Fake News.”

Well, if anybody knows Fake News, it’s a CNN contributor.

Now, I don’t know who murdered Seth Rich.

It’s very possible that he was killed during a robbery attempt. And his death may have nothing to do with the DNC or Hillary.

But his parents deserve some answers and — as much as I hate the word — some closure.

It’s been nearly a year and still they do not know who murdered their son.

But for me, the story isn’t his murder, but his involvement with WikiLeaks.

For over half a year, we’ve been fed the narrative that the Russians “hacked” the DNC servers and gave those emails to WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange flatly denies Russia’s involvement. But Assange does not reveal his sources. So he won’t say who was involved.

But if there is any connection between WikiLeaks and Seth Rich, it is absolutely newsworthy.

In fact, the Fake News media themselves make it newsworthy.

Why? Because they’re the ones who attribute Hillary’s loss to WikiLeaks releasing these emails. And if these emails were provided to WikiLeaks by a DNC staffer, that is news.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Sean Hannity is not an objective investigative journalist. And he’s never claimed to be that.

But the fact is, right now Hannity is the only one in the mainstream news who is following up on this story.

And there’s plenty to follow up on.

Kim Dotcom is admitting that he was involved in Seth Rich leaking those emails to WikiLeaks. And he’s even offering to provide testimony to that fact.

Can you blame Hannity for wanting to follow up on that?

Call me crazy, but that sounds newsworthy.

But for the Guardians of the Lie?

Not so much.

Tell me, CNN. Is it because Kim Dotcom is not an “unnamed, anonymous source” that you aren’t interested?

Or is it because this story threatens your “Russia hacked the election” Lie?

You don’t have to answer. Because we know the answer.

The hacks at CNN are not Guardians of the Truth.

And they don’t care about finding answers or following up on questions.

All they care about is the Lie.

For CNN, this Lie must be propped up no matter what.

And if any evidence emerges to dispute it, they’ll simply pretend it doesn’t exist.

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