Who does she think she is? Sheila E?!

Sheila E

Oy gevalt. Apparently Hillary Clinton has decided that she’s a bigger fan of Prince than Sheila E.

The Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua decided to honor Prince by taking the stage in Dunmore, Pennsylvania to his song “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Yes, we’d have to go crazy to vote for Hillary.

She even danced a little.

Here’s the video:

Wait. No. Wrong video.

Come to think of it, I think I’ll spare you the embarrassment of watching the video. But if you’re really a glutton for punishment, you can see it over at The Hill. I watched it. And I will never be able to unsee it. There’s not enough eye-bleach in the world.

On Thursday, when learning of Prince’s death, Hillar E, who probably couldn’t name a Prince song if her political future depended on it said, “You think of him as being almost eternal.” You know. Like Hillary’s never-ending political pandering. “I mean, he was a bigger-than-life personality. He was not only a songwriter and a singer but literally a one-man band. He was such a great showman. I just was so, so sad.”

She was so, so sad. Yeah, right.

I own a couple of Prince’s CDs. I thought his music was okay. And unlike Hillary, I could probably name a few Prince songs without having to ask Huma. But I wouldn’t say I was so, so sad when I heard he died. In fact, when the teller at my bank told me, I said, “Really? I hadn’t heard.”

I’m sorry to hear that he died so young. But I’m not so, so sad. I don’t know the guy. His life and death have no impact on me. And to suddenly appear to don sackcloth and ashes over the death of Prince is self-centered and puerile.

But far be it from Hillary to let the passing of a pop star she never gave one thought about go by without trying to use his death for her own selfish ends.

The woman will do anything to score points with voters.

Just curious. But did she utter a peep when Merle Haggard died two weeks ago? The irony of her silence over Merle’s passing is in 2007, Merle announced that he would be voting for Hillary Clinton as President. In fact, he even wrote a song titled “Hillary” in honor of the former Miss Rodham.

But when Merle passed on April 6, Hillary said nary a word.

I guess she figures celebrating the life of Merle Haggard wouldn’t score her any points. After all, she’s all but given up on the country music-listening white vote.

I imagine if Lena Dunham or Katie Perry meet an untimely end before the November election, Hillary would be so excited by the pandering goldmine their passing would present, she’d quiver like a spastic colon.

Or, dance like Elaine.

Honestly, I’m not particularly surprised at anything Hillary Clinton does or says on the campaign trail anymore. I just read about it and roll my eyes.

That is, if I’m not too busy rinsing my eyes out after watching Hillary E dance to “Let’s Go Crazy.”

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2 thoughts on “Who does she think she is? Sheila E?!

  • April 24, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    Such ingratitude! Merle’s been voting Democrat in every election since 2007!

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