If you think they’ll tone down the rhetoric, think again


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Like many of you, I was stunned at this morning’s shooting in Alexandria. I wanted to immediately sit down and write a scathing commentary about the violent and incendiary rhetoric of the Left.

But I decided to wait.

The truth is, at eight in the morning, I had no idea who perpetrated this despicable act. And to lash out in anger without knowing all the facts would be irresponsible.

So I printed up some T-shirts instead. Then I drove out to my parents’ for a brief visit before mailing out the shirt orders.

I wanted to give myself time not to be so stinking angry.

And I wanted to wait until more details emerged.

But my gut was telling me that some unstable person took the violent, inciting rhetoric of the Left and kicked it up a notch.

Well, I just got home and read the updates at Breitbart.

And I was right.

So I went over to Twitter to review the news.

Jack Posobiec has tweeted out some screen captures related to the gunman James Hodgkinson – including Facebook groups he was involved in.

Now, the truth is, 99.999% of the idiots who take to Twitter and Facebook inciting violence and murder against Donald Trump or the Republican Party are too vapid, lazy and stupid to follow through on their rhetoric.

But they are not inciting violence in a vacuum.

I just pulled up a few screen captures of such tweets:

Do these wretched creatures even consider for one moment that someone deranged and psychotic might just take them seriously?

Do the producers of this Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar take a moment to reflect that such violent, inciting scenes may inspire some psychopath who shares their venomous hatred of President Trump?

The head of the California Democrat Party thought nothing of leading the crowd in chants of “Fuck Donald Trump.”

I’m sure it never even entered his mind that such anger and vitriol may just prompt an unstable, violent person to act.

Did Wolf Blitzer stop for even a second to reflect on how some nut-job might react when — two days before Inauguration Day — he fantasized on air about what would happen if both Donald Trump and Mike Pence were assassinated before being sworn in?

What about Kathy “He broke me” Griffin? Or any of the other irresponsible, brainless nitwits in Hollywood who tweet their naked rage to their millions of followers on a daily basis.

None of them stopped to consider what all this violent, hateful rhetoric might unleash.

And they are all far too self-centered and narcissistic to even care.

The Democrat Party and the “Resistance” promised us a Summer of Rage.

And James Hodgkinson just obliged them.

Actions have consequences.

But so do words.

The person who screams “FIRE!” in a crowded theater may have no intentions of actually striking a match. But his words alone could still cause a panic. And he is culpable for the consequences.

And for seven months now, these thoughtless, narcissistic assholes who have so cavalierly wished death on Mr. Trump and the Republicans are just as culpable for the consequences of their words.

These are not just fringe crazies advocating violence and insurrection. They’re “journalists,” celebrities, novelists, elected officials, and University professors.

These irresponsible, arrogant fools have not only normalized violence, they’re encouraging it.

Their rhetoric is violent – the imagery bloody and brutal.

And here’s the thing that disgusts me more than anything else.

Their constant attacks, their inflammatory rhetoric – none of it is going to stop.

There are actually people who are laughing and cheering the actions of this homicidal bastard.

So, no. The violent rhetoric won’t stop.

The Left has created a generation of people who think they never have to take responsibility for anything they say or do.

They really think they can live free of consequences.

So they won’t stop.

The violent rhetoric, the incendiary vitriol – all of it will continue unabated.

Because even though 99.999% of these wretched people don’t have the will to commit the violence themselves, they’re more than happy to inspire others to do it for them.

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3 thoughts on “If you think they’ll tone down the rhetoric, think again

  • June 14, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    I vowed to never vote Democrat and I never will. Their hateful, evil rhetoric is purely a threat to our democracy

  • June 15, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    The left has gone completely off the rails. Yesterday, the leftists in Congress talked about unity. That was yesterday. This feeling of kumbaya will last for @ a week, and then they’ll go back to their underhanded, evil, disgraceful comments about the right. Do not be fooled by these braying jackasses! They are out for blood — literally.

    Years ago, in his book, Judge Bork warned us about things like this. He was so right.

  • June 17, 2017 at 8:29 am

    A rodeo clown puts on an Obama mask and loses his job. Shakespeare in the park stabs Trump to death . . . and nothing.

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