This guy is psychotic

So, after days of not saying word one about the execution of Texas Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth, Barack Obama finally had something to say.

On this way to do a Realty TV show in Alaska — one of the 58 states Obama never made it to back in 2008 — Obama took a moment to call Kathleen Goforth to express his condolences.

In a statement released last night, Obama said, “Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable — an affront to civilized society.”

Yes, yes it is, Barack. So, why have you spent the last year encouraging it?

This guy is psychotic. Really, there is something deeply wrong with him.

This is like the “Criminal Minds” version of the Limbaugh Theorem.

I mentioned a while back that I am reading through the Mitch Rapp series again in preparation for the release of the newest Mitch Rapp book next month.

I’m currently reading Protect and Defend.

In this book, the Director of the CIA is kidnapped while in Mosul. Her abductor is the head of Hezbollah. When the kidnappers get her secreted in a basement under a mosque, this guy from Hezbollah — who orchestrated the entire kidnapping — portrays himself to her as the guy who is trying to stop what has happened and get her home. He assures her he will do everything he can to solve the problem and promises that no harm will come to her. Then, he leaves the room and instructs his men to smack her around and degrade her, threaten to rape her but don’t rape her, terrorize her only do not kill her.

Obama reminds me of this man.

He plays the caring guy who is horrified by what has happened and vows to do everything he can to stop it. Then, behind closed doors is the one who has been orchestrating the whole thing from the very beginning.

“An affront to civilized society?”

Of course it is, Barack. Which is precisely why you have permitted it to happen. You want this country smacked around and degraded. You want us threatened and unsafe.

You don’t choose someone like Al Sharpton to be your advisor if you want to uphold the civilized society.

You don’t select Eric Holder to be your Attorney General if you want to pursue justice and equality under the law.

You don’t fan the flames of protests and riots by attempting to justify them or making excuses for them if you want us to be a civilized society.

You don’t vow to release people from prison in droves while claiming it’s “criminal justice reform” if you believe in maintaining a civil society.

You don’t unleashed tens of thousands of violent criminal illegals on the country if you want to protect and defend our civil society.

Everything you have done has been to tear apart our civil society.

These Black Lives Matter activists are a hate group. The 21st Century version of the Ku Klux Klan. The Department of Justice is wasting its time giving local police departments rectal exams while this virulent hate group is given a wide berth to foment violence and encourage the murder of police officers.

And, like its ideological relative the Klan, just this weekend, was fully embraced by the Democrat Party.

You’re not fooling anybody, Barack.

You can pretend to be the good guy trying to stop this, but we all know the truth.

You’re the one who has orchestrated the entire thing. You with your moneyman George Soros have unleashed this hate group on our civilized society.

And Deputy Goforth’s blood is on your hands.

Hat tip Breitbart.

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One thought on “This guy is psychotic

  • September 1, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    I live quite close to where a Fox Lake, IL police officer was gunned down this morning. 3 suspects still on the loose. They shot him in the head and stole his gun and pepper spray. 20 years on the force. Wife and 4 children. It has not been a good day. Still sick to my stomach. Hoping for ‘suicide by cop’.

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