This is interesting…

Sunday evening, Sharyl Attkisson opened up her Twitter to anyone who wanted to ask her a question.

And someone asked her this:

And Attkisson’s reply was interesting.

Now, this is in no way definitive. But I do find it extremely interesting.

Of all the reporters currently working, Sharyl Attkisson is one of the few who manages to remain objective.

So I take any observation she makes with a lot more weight than I would someone like Maggie Haberman or Jake Tapper.

The truth is, most “journalists” have spent the last year doing everything they can to see to it Donald Trump doesn’t even complete one term.

And that includes ignoring all of the positive economic news.

In fact, they pretty much ignored his extremely successful Asia trip (except to accuse him of boorishly dumping a box of fish food into a koi pond).

Attkisson, unlike most of her colleagues, is not agenda-driven.

Her only objective is the truth — which is why this tweet is so interesting to me.

Take it for what it’s worth.

But like I said. Coming from an actual journalist this observation is extremely interesting.

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One thought on “This is interesting…

  • November 14, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Her books are awesome and a must read.

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