This Kinda Makes Sense

So, the prostitutes from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch have launched “Hookers 4 Hillary.”

I don’t know. This kinda makes sense to me.

And, no, not just because Bill is such a great customer.

Although, I’m sure that factors in.

When you consider the millions of dollars Hillary’s “foundation” rakes in from countries with a burgeoning sex trafficking trade, this kinda makes sense.

Hillary Clinton has perfected the “Pay to Play” technique of public “service.”

Stop and think about how Hillary has gotten by over the last several years.

She is willing to spend an evening with a group of people, but only if they pay her a few hundred thousand bucks, spring for a private jet and a Presidential Suite in a hotel.

Sounds like a prostitute to me.

Hillary’s “Foundation” has made an art of raking in tons of money in exchange for favors.

Sounds like a prostitute to me.

And let’s not forget the Clintons’ penchant for renting out the Lincoln Bedroom.

I’d love to get a peek at Hillary’s Blackbookberry.

490DEM 2016 Clinton

Let’s be honest. Hillary is hoping to skate to the nomination and then the Oval Office not on any “qualifications” she may have, but on her lady parts.

I mean. When you think about it, this kinda makes sense.

What better group to throw their support behind Hillary than a bunch of sex workers?

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