Those Incurious “Reporters”

Call me naïve, all this time I thought it was a reporter’s job to ask questions and dig for answers. But apparently I was wrong. For political “reporters” in 2020, remaining entirely incurious is the order of the day.

When faced with a major-party Presidential candidate who hides in his basement during the final two months of campaign season, these incurious reporters seem ill-equipped to ask a single valid question or, more importantly, dig for answers.

President Trump has been flying around the country holding outdoor campaign rallies to crowds of thousands.  Biden, on the other hand, peeks his head out of his hidey-hole to read a prepared speech to a half dozen “supporters” and an army of incurious pool reporters then disappears again into his basement.

Now, a reporter who isn’t an incurious flack would dig into this anemic campaign and figure out why Team Biden is keeping Joe under wraps.

An actual reporter would begin to ask if perhaps there is something to the claims that old Joe’s brain is applesauce.

But not these guys.

I saw this tweet yesterday and I actually laughed out loud.

Those Incurious “Reporters”

She’s “not sure why?”

Gosh, Kathryn. Wouldn’t it be terrific if a reporter decided to investigate what the hell is going on with the Biden campaign that explains the why?

Now, I don’t have a journalism degree from a fancy pants university, and even I can noodle out that perhaps the reason Biden isn’t showing he can “outwork Trump” is because …. wait for it ….HE CAN’T OUTWORK TRUMP.

And if these “journalists” actually did some journalisming, they would do a little digging, and, maybe even ask Team Biden and their absent nominee some tough questions – otherwise known as “questions that weren’t provided in advance by Team Biden.”

In the last two weeks, President Trump has secured a peace deal between the UAE and Israel, Bahrain and Israel, and Kosovo and Serbia. He also visited riot-torn Kenosha and met with business leaders there. And he still had time to hold campaign rallies in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada (and I’m probably forgetting one or two).

Who’s outworking whom in this scenario, Kathryn?

If Kathryn Watson, or any other incurious reporter actually did a little work, maybe one of them would’ve found that video that shows Joe Biden uses a teleprompter even for softball Q&As with late night hosts.

But no. It wasn’t a member of the “free press” who dug that up. It was this guy:

What does it say about our incurious journalists that some random guy on Twitter is willing to investigate the claims that Joe uses a teleprompter with scripted questions and answers while they can’t be bothered?

Now, to be fair, I understand that folks like Kathryn Watson are rooting for a Biden win and this lack of journalistic curiosity is self-imposed.

They’re incurious because they have to be in order to shield their lackluster, barely-there candidate while they drag him across the finish line.

They are choosing to be incurious because actually digging might reveal some deeply concerning facts about their candidate.

You know. Like the whole China thing.

So instead, they go on Twitter and pretend to be impatient and frustrated that old Hidin’ Biden won’t get out there and show us all this heretofore unseen stamina and vigor.

Or, they pretend that these “low-key,” anemic campaign “events” somehow PROVE that old Joe is really giving it his all.

Jennifer isn’t a “reporter covering Biden;” she’s a reporter covering FOR Biden. And clearly Trump’s tweet hit a bit too close for comfort.

If Jennifer or Kathryn were actually journalists and not incurious PR flacks for Team Joe, they would do more than run interference for Hidin’ Biden.

President Trump walks gingerly down a rain-covered ramp, and every reporter begins howling about how he is not physically well.

Joe Biden hides in his basement, limits his public events, gives only interviews where questions and answers are preloaded into a teleprompter, loses his train of thought so often, that it’s crystal clear the train has derailed, and these idiots provide nothing but excuses and cover fire.

There’s a reason that 86% of Americans believe the news media is biased. These incurious reporters aren’t even bothering to hide that bias anymore.

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5 thoughts on “Those Incurious “Reporters”

  • September 13, 2020 at 11:59 am

    The only thing Gropey Joe works at is getting his courage up to eat his strained peas so he can have a warm glass of milk and his pudding. Then someone reads a heartwarming tale of sniffing little girls’ hair at unicorn birthday parties to him, and off to bed, to snuggle with his Che Guevara plush doll and dream of a beautiful socialist paradise (with Chinese subtitles, of course).

  • September 13, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    I have a couple of relatives who are deeply paranoid about the flu – mask-wearing in the sunshine and fresh air, insistent scolds of us who walk around with our smiles hanging out.

    So, I’m thinking, Joe’s self-isolation, his rare public appearances, his unsocial distancing and mask-wearing when he does venture out, all plays into the Democommie pandemic panic theme, and is totes sensible-seeming to the cult of the bemasked.


    Looking forward to Joe drawing magic unsocial distancing circles on the stage for the debate, and everyone gasping in horror when Trump sets foot outside. Stocking up on popcorn for the next 50-some days.

  • September 13, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    I think the occasional Twitter squawk about Joey Fingers not doing more campaign events is a psychological self-justification by the capons in the media. (“After all we gots journalism degrees from big effing U”) they do this so that they can feel good about themselves having to play along with this rope-a-dope pantomime of a campaign. Sad bunch of twerps that they are!!!!

  • September 13, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Joe: “It’s good to be here in Kennebunkport… er… Kenwood… er… Kentucky today! Man, I’m fired up!
    [*teleprompter dies]
    “ hair..table..swimming pool..behind the barn..(sniff)..are there girls here?”

  • September 14, 2020 at 11:37 am

    Hide or campaign. Any republican candidate would HAVE to choose campaign. Friends of the media have the option of also choosing to hide…..with the media’s blessing.

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