Those plucky soldiers on the front lines

Those plucky soldiers on the front lines

Isn’t it ironic that the news media’s on-air personalities are always the ones who brag about how journalists are on the front lines of every battle? From World War Two to Vietnam to the Wuhan Virus, those plucky little soldiers on cable news can’t wait to lecture you about how crucial they are.

Like S.E. Cupp.  Because nothing says “I’m on the front lines” quite like logging on to Twitter from the safety and comfort of your home.

They’re on the front lines, don’t you know. War zones, refugee crises, Wuhan virus, and the most dangerous battlefront of all, getting criticized by Trump during a White House briefing.

I’m thinking the journalists who are actually on the front lines don’t fall apart when a politician criticizes them.

But see, to make herself seem more important, S.E. needs to glom on to those actual journalists on the actual front lines as if she and her fellow cable news talking heads are one of them.

Spoiler alert: They’re not.

See, Americans can tell the difference between actual journalists and those President Trump calls “the enemy of the people.”

S.E. probably knows that. But it suits her purposes to pretend that all news personalities are cut from the same cloth as actual journalists.

S.E. isn’t a journalist. She’s an on-air personality whose entire CNN career was made possible because she’s a putative “conservative” who hates Trump.

Actual journalists on the front lines are capable of remembering that they personally are not the story.

This, however, is not the case when it comes to clowns like S.E. Cupp – or anyone else in the corporate cable news media.  These guys can’t even handle harsh criticisms from President Trump.  Could you imagine them on actual front lines anywhere?

Yesterday, Brian Stelter — noted soldier from the front lines – invited on his ironically-named “Reliable Sources” novelist Stephen King.

Tell me how that is battling it out on the front lines of the Wuhan virus?

How is inviting actor Sean Penn or former Star Trek celebrity George Takei?

And when they’re not playing host to irrelevant actors or Trump deranged novelists, these plucky little soldiers have been unquestioningly regurgitating Chinese Party “statistics” as fact.

And not just China.  They’ve also credulously repeated Russian “data” as well.

Here’s S.E.’s network from March 21.

“Putin is a good guy now and we can totally trust him,” says the cable news network who, for three years, told you Putin was the evil boogeyman behind Trump.

Yet now we’re supposed to just accept as fact the Russian government’s information.  Which, it turns out, looks to be untrue.

This is from yesterday:

Since those plucky little soldiers on the front lines of the Wuhan virus were so busy burping out foreign misinformation, I’m sure that will come as a total shock to them.

Mostly because right now they’re too busy getting upset with President Trump for being mean to a belligerent, partisan White House reporter.

Such a brave soldier on the front lines keeping Americans informed about the Wuhan Virus by white-knighting for a fellow plucky little soldier who got dinged by Trump in a briefing. You go, S.E.! What a hero!

There’s a reason Americans have so little trust and confidence in the news media. And it certainly didn’t start with Trump “attacking” them with criticism and mean words.

But rather than deal with that lack of trust head-on, idiots like S.E. Cupp try to shame Americans for having the temerity not to trust them.

Because it is always, always about them.

No matter what is going on in the country, these self-centered hacks can’t see beyond their own noses.

The idea of self-reflection never occurs to them.

These guys are on the front lines of only one war: The battle to take out Trump.

Nothing — not a pandemic, not millions of Americans losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their homes, their savings – nothing will throw them off course.

Even if that means burping out Chinese Propaganda and cheering on a pandemic.

And yet even while they wage this war against Trump, they still find time to go on Twitter and lecture you about not showing them the proper respect.

Such a pathetic band of losers.

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5 thoughts on “Those plucky soldiers on the front lines

  • March 30, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Great insight here: “… journalists who are actually on the front lines don’t fall apart when a politician criticizes them.”

    Dems should know by now (and that includes, what, 90% of the “journalists”) President DJT may be one of the best at effective PUSH-BACK — against them. This push-back has sooo been missing for sooo long from typical political intercourse.

    You might want to get more realistic in your political criticisms against, oh, all other people — or be ignored


  • March 30, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    “Such a pathetic band of losers.” ??? NO !! Such a determined band of Domestic Enemies of The United States.

    • March 30, 2020 at 6:08 pm

      How silly of me to choose my own words.

  • March 30, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    Front lines? S.E. bad to da bone baby! Kinda like S.E. taking an 8mm camera onto the beach at Normandy? Or Iwo Jima? Maybe The Bulge? Nah, it has to be S.E. trailing the Marines into Saigon during the Tet Offensive. Surely she would be in the front of the march in Selma. Didn’t we see her on the ground at the ’68 Democrat convention in Chicago? My bad, she was in LA staring down the rioters and looking for Rodney King. Rats…. No, darn it. She’s at home, sipping Merlot, sitting on her bidet for much longer than “needed” and contemplating her navel.

  • March 30, 2020 at 10:25 pm


    Marines never got close to Saigon. I spent 13 months (for JFK that would be 11 tours – he was in Nam 7 weeks) killing Mao’w\s boys for JFk1. Jarheads wore on DMZ never close to Ho Chi Min City! We sometimes were in Laos and Cambodia. 72 hr. “Hot pursuit” of ChiCom!

    I never saw the KGB propaganda “Black PJ’s”! Saw lots of Feld Grau! Marxist infantry uniforms since 1934. They still do Sessesa Step BTW! Bitta Mein Duetsch iis zzer gut niche!

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