Thoughts on the debate

It’s past my bedtime and I’m cranky, so I’ll just give you a few quick thoughts on the debate.

Hillary sounded rehearsed. It was clear she wanted to come off as more knowledgeable and prepared than Trump. She did, but she also sounded like an insufferable know-it-all.

The problem is, she was over-prepared. Even her quips were clearly planned and rehearsed moments. There was nothing off the cuff or spontaneous about her delivery. As a result she sounded robotic and canned.

And that smug grin of hers was so irritating, I had to stop watching when she was on camera.

Trump was Trump. Sometimes it worked great; sometimes it didn’t.

Lester Holt was a biased hack. Bringing up the birther thing as part of the section on race relations?! For crying out loud.

Had he made a similar connection to Hillary’s private server when he brought up cyber-attacks and cyber-security, I would have let it go, but he didn’t.

He was combative with Trump and coddled Hillary. It was disgusting.

Had Trump not made that dig about releasing his tax returns when she releases her emails, the entire email scandal never would have been mentioned.

I was stunned that Hillary went nearly ninety minutes without whipping out the “Trump is a sexist” card.

Every attack she tossed at Trump sounded like she was reading a script.

The part that made me laugh out loud was when she quoted Michelle Obama’s convention speech, “When they go low, we go high.”

But Hillary didn’t “go high.” When she wasn’t trying to show off like smug eighth grade know-it-all, she was going low. Over and over again, she went low. She attacked Trump over his businesses, over a Federal lawsuit from the early 1970s, over calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig.

Michelle should have said “When they go low, Hillary goes lower.”

Some of Trump’s best moments were when he swatted Hillary down with one comment.

After her self-righteous preening over how mean Trump was to Obama, Trump merely pointed out how vicious Hillary was to Obama in 2008. “When you try to act holier than thou, it really doesn’t work.”


He could have done that more often.

Overall, Trump let a lot of opportunities fly by. When Hillary brought up nuclear weapons and Russia, he could have hit her on the Foundation and selling US uranium to the Russians. He could have hit her on Benghazi. During the portion on cyber-security, Trump could have made hay over over her own inability to keep classified information secure.

Too many missed opportunities to hammer that smug bitch down.

During the section on race relations, Hillary actually said, “everyone should respect the law.” Trump could have made mincemeat of her over that and he didn’t!

For heaven’s sake, she said that it isn’t just that the police that have “implicit bias;” we all do. Someone who wants to be President basically accused all white Americans of being racists. Trump should have kicked her teeth in over that comment (figuratively speaking).

I just don’t feel like Trump brought his A-game to this debate. It’s true that Hillary wasn’t able to get under his skin the way she wanted to. But he had so many opportunities to put her on the defensive and didn’t exploit them.

I found myself shouting, “Hammer that smug bitch, Donald! Hammer her!!!”

Sure, he got her good a few times, but he could have really yanked the rug out from under her and sent her reeling and he didn’t.

Hillary’s entire delivery was so canned and scripted, he could have easily knocked her off her game.

The Enslaved Press will overwhelming declare Hillary the winner tonight. And I think she was.

The problem is, she didn’t deserve to win it. She lied through her teeth. She relied heavily on oppo-research and snotty comments. Everything she said was over-rehearsed and overly scripted.

Trump could have gotten the best of her just by throwing her off-script. But he failed to do it.

I’m frustrated as hell over that. There were so many golden opportunities to just rip her to shreds and he let virtually every single one of them fly by.

Hopefully now that he’s faced her and has a feel for her game plan, Trump can get the better of her next time. But he didn’t do it tonight.

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the debate

  • September 27, 2016 at 12:03 am

    Definately underwhelming. I seriously think she hit him with her statement that “perhaps he isn’t as rich as he says he is” statement. It seemed to sting him, he tried to brush it off with more proof that he really is richy rich, and not some poser. I would agree that he missed a lot of wide open opportunities for attack. What happened to the $6 Billion that was lost on her watch as SOS? She was alert, and ready for battle; he seemed tired, and campaign trail weary. Better luck next time.

  • September 27, 2016 at 12:05 am

    Thank you, Dianny, it is past my bedtime too & I was all riled up before I got here but now I feel better seeing my own frustrations with this evening articulated so well by you. I love Donald Trump and loathe Hillary Clinton but even my non-political husband was yelling at the tv that the uranium thing wasn’t brought up and I agree that there is a deep well of dirt Trump could have easily drawn from against that awful woman. However, Trump may just be saving the best stuff for debates in which the audience isn’t told to sit quietly and can react appropriately when he truly takes the gloves off. He very well could also be lulling hitlery into a false sense of security, a Rope-a-Dope, where she THINKS she has a feel for him and his debating abilities. There. I feel better now. Maybe I can sleep soon. Thanks again!

  • September 27, 2016 at 5:57 am

    She attacked Trump over his businesses, over a Federal lawsuit from the early 1970s, over calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig.
    Trump:really Hillary?Being mean to women?Do you really want to go there?

  • September 27, 2016 at 8:41 am

    I had to turn the TV off after a half an hour before I was forced to go van Gogh to end the agony of what I was hearing from both of them. Talk about missed opportunities. Hitlery goes the Tax the Rich, Minimum wage, Fairness route and instead of pointing out that not only don’t those phony Liberal talking points create jobs, they’re all about empowering corrupt hags like herself in D.C. to Lord over us & enrich themselves, all Donald can do go protectionist against China & Mexico? How about saying that government doesn’t create jobs – it creates an environment which is either friendly or not for companies to do so? And from the little commentary I’ve read about last night, that was Trump’s best moment.

    I get it – at this point, Trump is the only person on the planet that can prevent Obama’s third term or worse, but come on – out of 320 million people, is this the best we can come up with? Is there any way they can both lose?

  • September 27, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    All in all, it was a 4-F night.

    My grades on last nights debate:

    Donald Trump: F

    Wallowing in the same mimes and soundbites he has been using since he announced in August of 2015, Trump proves he’s learned NOTHING in the intervening months. While apparently BATTERED by Kelly Ann Conway and the Family to TRY to hold himself in check, he remains thin-skinned, prone to juvenile attack and making goofy faces to indicate his disgust, slow on the attack when openings present themselves, loose with the facts and utterly vapid on policy which, without a written speech, he is too intellectually lazy to commit to learn deeply about and instead relies on the talking points written for him by his staff.

    An awful performance and a missed opportunity.

    Hitlery Clinton: F

    Grendel’s Mother is so abominable that it is hard to find words in the English language that can do justice to reviling her as she deserves. If she missed EVEN ONE Socialist talking point straight out of the 1930s, PAINFULLY delivered in her unbearably robotic, hideous hectoring voice, I can’t identify it. I suppose the ability to effortlessly LIE for 90 minutes straight is some kind of satanic talent, but it is CERTAINLY one far more fit for the She-Fuhrer she obsessively and fanatically desires to become, rather than the President of a free country… a country that she obviously HATES to her very core and which she longs to finish the job her predecessor started of destroying it.

    For all that, she still couldn’t totally put away a candidate as weak and flawed and ill disciplined as Trump.. which indicates she is as INCOMPETENT and as HORRIBLE as she truly is.

    A frightening nightmare come true and a failure to accomplish anything more than prove once again what a monstrous, neo-Fascist HAG she is.

    The ENE-Media: F MINUS MINUS

    The performance of these lying jackals was SO BAD a new grade of F MINUS MINUS had to be invented for them.

    The supposedly “Republican” Lester Holt was so patently pro-Hitlery in his questioning, I’m surprised he controlled himself enough to remain seated in his place rather than JOINING HER ON STAGE, debating Trump.

    Apparently, these vapid Ted Baxter KNOW NOTHING TELEPROMPTER READERS cannot understand that THEY are there to pose questions… not argue with the answers the candidates respond with. If asked a question by the “moderator” a candidate can answer directly, answer indirectly, dodge the question or even LIE ABOUT IT; it is for THE VOTERS… NOT THE “MODERATOR”… to decide that the candidate “didn’t answer the question” …as if they had AN OBLIGATION TO THESE HACKS TO DO SO.

    It the candidate DODGES or LIES or does anything else questionable, it is for the PUBLIC to decide whether or not they approve of it, not some self-aggrandizing ENE-Media HACK. Further, fact checking is done AFTER the debate, not – as HOLT REPEATEDLY DID – WHILE the debate is in progress.

    If the candidate is lying or dodging or wrong, it will no doubt be brought out by his or her opponents surrogates AFTER the debate is finished… that is, unless the “moderator” decides HIS BIASED input… unsolicited, inappropriate and often un-informed (as in the infamous case of Candy Crowley in 2012)… has to be inserted into a debate THAT HE IS NOT, NOT, NOT PART OF.

    Surely, there has to be ANOTHER way to “moderate” future debates other than having the biased left-wing HACKS from the ENE-Media, or their pom-pom boys and mini-skirted cheerleader girl counterparts over at Trump News to continue to intellectually defecate all over a political event that, despite their arrogant insistence to the contrary, they are ONLY, AT BEST, ANCILLARY TO.

    From the drooling, spewing, butt-licking loons on the Left like Chris Matthews on MSLSD… to the sycophantic, purring pussy cats on the so-called Right like Sean Hannity on Trump News… and all those in between, including the “commentary” provided by the CARD CARRYING COMMUNIST propagandist Van Jones on the COMMUNIST News Network CNN… the ENE-Media accomplished the impossible: they managed to carve out a NEW LOW for themselves even though they have been long thought to be at the absolute nadir of credibility.

    This is a crew whose propaganda would embarrass Goebbels and who couldn’t get published in the Pyongyang Daily News for not being honest enough to qualify for North Korean journalistic standards.

    The American People: F Minus

    If these two horror stories are the BEST a country that was once the greatest democratic Republic in the history of the world can VOMIT UP to “lead” us in DANGEROUS TIMES, we are truly DOOMED.

    It was an all-around wretched performance that I suppose will only get worse in the next two debates… that is, if the entire country doesn’t go into a state of irreversible narcolepsy watching those two barn-burning Ciceros, Kaine and Pence, at the Vice Presidential debates and remains unconscious through election day … which might be a good thing since it would obviate the need to have this, the MOST insufferable election and the WORST candidates in US History, inflicted upon it.

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