This time around, third party candidates hurt Hillary

As Rush likes to remind us, Liberals will always tell you whom they fear. And in this election cycle, Democrats are terrified about the third party candidates in the race.

Ordinarily, third party candidates hurt the Republican’s chance of winning, but not this year.

This year, the third party candidates are a threat to Hillary Clinton.

How do I know?

Because the Enslaved Press and the Democrat Party are both trying to discourage their traditional voters from being swayed by Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

According to the Hill, Team Clinton is talking to Al Gore about how he could help the campaign warn Democrat voters away from voting third party.

The New York Times reported Friday that Clinton’s team is discussing ways to bring Gore into the fold between now and November.
His role, according to the report, would be to emphasize Clinton’s support for taking on climate change, something that might appeal to younger voters who polls suggest are not warming up to Clinton.
Gore might also be able to convince voters that a third-party ballot could end up electing Republican Donald Trump, in the Clinton campaign’s view.
“I can assure you from personal experience that every vote counts,” Gore told the Times in an email. “The stakes are high for so many Americans. So I will vote for Hillary Clinton and I strongly encourage others to vote for her as well.”

Most polling shows that when Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are added into the mix, they are drawing more votes away from Hillary than they are Donald Trump.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Bernie voters would prefer to go third party than to stick with the woman who effectively colluded in knee-capping their guy’s chances in the primaries.

As I mentioned yesterday, Hillary is fully aware that she must, must retain the Obama coalition to win in November.

And so far, she is having one hell of a time doing that. Her support among black voters is the lowest of any Democrat candidate since 1960.

Among the 18-29 age group, Hillary holds a measly 31% favorable rating.

This is the age group that went for Obama overwhelmingly in 2008 (66% to McCain’s 32%) and in 2012 (60%).

In the recent Quinnipiac poll, there is only a two point separation between Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson among voters in the 18-34 range.

Yesterday over at Slate, Jim Newell had a column warning millennials against voting for Gary Johnson as a protest vote.

His reasons? Hillary is already struggling to keep the Obama coalition together. A protest vote would only hurt Hillary’s chances of beating Trump in November.

Hillary is in trouble, you guys.

And both the Democrats and the Enslaved Press know it.

But this is a problem of the Democrat Party’s own making.

It was their decision to place their thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton – probably the single least liked and mistrusted politician since Richard Nixon.

The DNC’s collusion with the Clinton camp to shut Bernie Sanders out alienated Democrat millennials. They really have nobody to blame but themselves.

Something tells me Al Gore isn’t going to be able to change the tide among millennial voters.

Let’s be honest. If their guy Bernie endorsing Hillary and campaigning for her isn’t turning them away from supporting the third party candidates, what makes anyone think that fat old has-been Gore can do any better?


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