Too cool

I was tootling along the interwebs and stumbled across this too cool article at the UK Daily Mail about NASA releasing to Flikr more than eight thousand awesome, never-before seen pictures of the Apollo missions to the moon.

too cool

That is too cool.

The images — many of them taken by the chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras that were part of their space suits — are some of the most stunning pictures of the Apollo missions I have ever seen.

If you’re anything like me the Apollo missions are a part of childhood. I was six years old when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. I remember my parents getting my brother and me out of our beds way past our bedtimes to watch Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap for mankind.”

So I got quite a kick out these pictures. I think you will to.

too cool 2

Buzz Aldrin coming down the ladder of the landing module (taken by Neil Armstrong)


Apollo 12

CLICK HERE to see some of the other amazing photographs posted at the Daily Mail.

Or, scroll through all of them HERE.

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  • October 5, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    A great find Dianny.

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