So I spent the last little while here watching the press conference with President Trump and Vladimir Putin.

And then I went onto Twitter and watched as media pundits, Democrats and dipshit Republican suck-ups erupted in unhinged hysterics.

It was so damn over-the-top, I’m physically exhausted from it.

Trump committed TREASON!!!

Treason I tell you!!!


Well, first, he met with President Putin.

Which means Barack Obama committed treason too since he met with President Putin.

But never mind that! Trump committed treason!!!

The other treasonous thing Trump did was compliment President Putin in the press conference.

Which means Barack Obama committed treason too since he complimented President Putin in a press conference in 2009.

Plus! Plus! Trump seemed to go easy on Putin with regard to Russia’s meddling in our elections!

Which means Barack Obama committed treason too since…

Finally, Trump committed treason when he criticized US intelligence agencies and the Mueller witch hunt.

“It’s unheard of!” They howled. “A President should never be critical of the US when meeting with the Russians!”

Well, it might be unheard of.

But that doesn’t make it treason.

It is also unheard of for people within the US intelligence community to conspire to take down a duly elected US President.

But that’s exactly what was attempted.

Did they really expect President Trump to praise the apparatus that spied on him, used a Clinton campaign-funded phony dossier to launch a phony investigation — not to mention obtain FISA warrants — and has subsequently attempted to cover up this nefarious plot through Robert Mueller’s sham of an investigation?

What these elements within our intelligence community did is not only unprecedented; it is, dare I say it? Treasonous.

So you’ll have to excuse me for not lighting my hair on fire over Trump being critical of them.

The fact is, no matter what President Trump said in this presser, the media, the Democrats and the squishy Republican lickspittles were all primed and ready to gasp and well-I-never themselves into a tizzy.

Their bar is set so incredibly low, just standing next to Vladimir Putin would constitute treason to these people.

This is such a transparent, ridiculous attempt to once again further a conspiracy theory concocted by the Clinton campaign, perpetrated by former Obama intelligence hacks, and promoted by the partisan activists in the news media.

Sure, President Trump might not have handled the absurd American media’s tinfoil-hat-style questioning with aplomb.

But let’s be blunt here. Even if he had been 100% pitch-perfect in his answers, they’d still be screaming helplessly at the sky and howling “TREASON!!!”

I want to close with a segment from Rush Limbaugh’s show today.

He is so spot-on here, I’m really glad I took the time to listen to it. Because if anybody can get to the heart of the matter, it’s Rush.

First, he played this soundbite from the press conference:

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I do. I hold both countries responsible. I do feel that we have both made some mistakes. I think that the probe is a disaster for our country. I think it’s kept us apart. It’s kept us separated. There was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it. It was a clean campaign. I beat Hillary Clinton easily — and, frankly, we beat her. And I’m not even saying from the standpoint we won that race, and it’s a shame that there can even be a little bit of a cloud over it. We won the Electoral College by a lot, 306 to 223, I believe. And that was a well-fought battle. We did a great job. We ran a brilliant campaign, and that’s why I’m president.

Then, Rush concluded with this:

So you see? The press is saying, “Did you get the Russians to admit they did anything to help you win? Come on, Mr. President! Please, please, give us something.” Trump’s saying, “I won this legitimately!” Look, Donald Trump is like anybody else would be. He won the presidency. He won the presidency against all odds. He resents deeply this idea that anybody helped him, particularly the Russians! You people in the media are nuts if you think Donald Trump is gonna go along with this.

That’s not who he is. He won this race — that’s what he’s pointing out here — in the Electoral College. He won it fair and square. He won it in a shocking surprise, and he did it himself. He outworked Hillary Clinton, he worked harder than any candidate in recent memory, and he doesn’t want that taken away from him. He doesn’t want the Russians getting credit for it. He doesn’t even want Hillary getting the blame for it, even though she shares some ’cause she was so lazy. She was unable to campaign, didn’t have any energy at all, didn’t have any support, couldn’t put together 200 people at a rally. But he won this thing and he wants everybody to realize that he won it, that it wasn’t stolen.

He resents this whole line of thinking, which is entirely understandable. The guy worked his butt off in this campaign. There is nobody that’s worked harder and continues to work harder than Donald Trump. And the idea that the Russians did it or enabled Hillary’s loss or whatever offends him. And so when they ask him about it, he’s got an answer.

What happened to the DNC server? That’s where the real cheating was. That’s where things were rigged. What do you mean, the Russians helped me win? I worked hard for this. I won the Electoral College. It was fairy fought, all this kind of stuff.

How would you like it if everybody said your greatest accomplishment was something you didn’t do? Oh, I’m sorry. The Democrats already do that. “You didn’t build that. You didn’t build that business. You didn’t make that happen. We did. Government, government made it possible for you.” People are fed up about that. The denial of the achievement, the tainting of success. And believe me, Trump’s not gonna have any of it. And the longer they keep on this line, the more he’s gonna have a pushback.

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4 thoughts on “Treason!!!!!!!!

  • July 16, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    “A President should never be critical of the US when meeting with the Russians!”

    Oh yeah, but 0bama trashing the US on his many ‘blame America’ world tours was just fine, right?
    He was talking trash about the US from the Founders to the Supreme Court all the way down to some
    ‘White Hispanic’ guy eating a taco in Lubbock.
    GFY, Idiots.

  • July 16, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    He is a NATIONAL HERO!!!

  • July 17, 2018 at 8:15 am

    So I’m not alone here. The hyperventilating is over the top ridiculous.

  • July 17, 2018 at 11:27 am

    You didn’t build that……What a bunch of bullshit.

    The people paid the taxes that built the road. They paid the employees, planners, engineers, and every other person involved.

    The people have done EVERYTHING that has ever been done in this nation, either by themselves in the private sector or by the publicly funded (Like PBS) government sector. To claim that the business man, or the entrepreneur or the stock broker did not ‘build’ whatever it is that they do is to discredit and to defame every law abiding tax paying citizen of this nation.

    When Obama said this it was the biggest insult to America that has ever been said.

    Trump plays nice at the summit and does not openly condemn Putin and he is a traitor. Has any of these people on the left and right ever heard of diplomacy??????? You cannot bargain if you damn the party you are trying to negotiate with!!! Common sense says you work the issues with a smile on your face and get you get picky in the details.

    The scripts of all the people who condemned Trump immediately after the summit are as common as every other left wing talking point I have ever heard. Now you know whose team the republicans that condemned Trump are playing for.

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