Treating everything like a 5-Alarm Fire

5-alarm fire

The Fake News media is treating the news about the DOJ asking Obama’s US Attorney’s to resign like it’s a 5-alarm fire.

From the way they’re kicking up a fuss, you’d think no incoming Administration ever cleared out the previous Administration’s appointees.

Which, of course, every incoming Administration from the other party does.

And here’s the thing. The breathless ninnies in the Enslaved Press know full well that this is Standard Operating Procedure.

They’re not turning it into a 5-alarm fire because they’re really horrified by it.

Not at all.

They’re turning into a 5-alarm fire because they want low information voters to think what Trump is doing is unprecedented. And therefore another sign that Donald Trump is an unhinged meanie who has no business being President of the United States.

And there are plenty of pearl-clutching Democrat voters out there desperate to gobble up every wacked-out conspiracy theory these hair-on-fire “journalists” throw at them.

Most of them live in Hollywood.

Why do you think Rachel Maddow’s ratings have been climbing?

She feeds her mind-numbed audience a daily helping of palace intrigue and nefarious plots. All while maintaining that “See how serious I am” look on her face.

Imagine if every member of the Enslaved Press jumped onto the Birther conspiracy back in 2009.

That’s pretty much how they’ve been acting now. Whether it’s Russia, the temporary travel ban, the debunked “Golden Showers” dossier, and now, the dismissal of Obama-appointed US Attorneys.

Rachel Maddow’s behavior is making Alex Jones look perfectly unbiased and reasonable by comparison.

And the deeply ignorant are lapping it up with wild abandon.

They’re desperate to believe every conspiracy theory and evil plot Maddow tosses out at them like red meat to the wolves.

Call me cynical, but I don’t think there’s any way to get through to these conspiracy junkies.

When you become so desperate to believe that Hillary Clinton was robbed, you’re going to fall for every breathless “report” burped out by idiots like Rachel Maddow.

Especially when Maddow seems hell-bent on treating every innocuous story like a 5-alarm fire.

Mika Brzezinski let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago when she proudly declared that the job of the “news media” was to tell people what to think.

And that’s precisely what they’re trying to do by kicking up a fuss about every mundane thing that Trump is doing.

Sadly, there are plenty of people who will fall for their “Sky is falling” reporting every single time.

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