Trump gives Enslaved Press a taste of their own medicine


Here’s what happened in the first week after Donald Trump won the White House.

Canada and Mexico announced that they are both open to renegotiating NAFTA. Apple hinted that they may move iPhone assembly to the States. And Ford decided not to move their small car manufacturing to Mexico, but keep it in Kentucky.

Not even sworn in yet and already Trump is making good on his promise to make America win again.

And again.

And again.

If all the winning isn’t enough, President-Elect Trump is also handing us a daily dose of Schadenfreude.

Today’s Schadenfreuderrific moment came in the form of Mr. Trump giving the Enslaved Press a taste of their own medicine.

President-Elect Trump invited some of the big-wigs from network and cable news to Trump Tower and did what these underhanded “journalists” LOVE doing to others.

He ambushed them.

Though the meeting was off the record, the butt-hurt attendees are leaking about it.

Of course they are.

They got their feelings hurt.

It sucks when somebody invites you to a sit-down ostensibly to answer questions and then turns the tables on you and nails you to the wall, doesn’t it?

How many times have the likes of Wolf Blitzer or George Stephanopoulos invited a Republican on their program only to ambush him or her in much the same way? Except they do it on camera and on the record.

Now you know how it feels, you self-important creeps.

Of course these guys are going to leak this meeting.

My guess is they hope that folks will be outraged that they were treated so terribly.

And believe me. There will be many who will happily oblige.

Democrats in Washington will bitch. Liberal websites and news outlets will feign horror over it.

And the Never Trump sites still stinging from Trump’s victory will proclaim it proof that Donald Trump will try and suppress the news media.

But these drama queens will bitch no matter what Trump does.

Out here in the real world, however, most Americans who find the Enslaved Press detestable will celebrate.

Donald Trump made it crystal-freaking clear he is going to hold these pricks to account – something nobody has had the testicular fortitude to do in the past.

It shouldn’t have to be this way. Originally, the idea was for the press to hold our elected officials to account. But they abdicated that responsibility long ago. They spent eight years not only covering for Obama, but actively lying for him.

And in this election cycle, they tossed what little credibility they had left into the toilet so they could openly campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Trump isn’t trying to suppress the news media, nor is he attempting to control them. If these reports are true, what it shows is Donald Trump demanding the press do their friggin’ jobs.

For a change.

I hope these leaked accounts are true. I really do.

These arrogant dinks need to be reminded what their obligation to the public is.

They’re the ones who abandoned journalism in favor of advocacy. They’re the ones who whored themselves out to the Institutional Left.

If they want to be treated with respect that is absolutely deserved of a Free Press, then it’s high time they start acting like a Free Press.

Not the bought and paid for hacks of the Democrat Party.

So good on Trump for calling them out. Good on him for taking them to the woodshed.

I’m telling you. It couldn’t have happened to a worse crop of people.

You can read all about it at the New York Post

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