Trump to address the nation: Media and Democrats panic

Trump to address the nation

Tonight President Trump is set to give his first Presidential Address to the Nation.

And within moments of announcing this address, the Democrats and their Handmaids in the media went into a full-on panic.

But of course they did.

Not because they fear he’ll lie or propagandize.

After all, that’s their job.

No, the real reason they’re apoplectic is because they know how persuasive President Trump is.

The Democrats only win if their narrative is the only one the people hear.

And, thanks to their Handmaids in the media, their narrative is happily burped out every hour of every day on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the major dailies — not to mention the View.

They can only control this President if they act as “contextual filters” for what he says and does.

A live televised address from the White House deprives them of the ability to “contextualize” the President’s positions.

And by “contextualize,” what they mean is “spin it so that it advances the Democrat narrative.”

They’re in a panic over this address because outside of the media spin-machine, President Trump excels at making his case to the people. And they know it.

It’s exactly why they despise the fact that Trump tweets.

Keep in mind, these are the people who tell us how incompetent and stupid Donald Trump is.  They laugh and joke to themselves over how often this nincompoop sticks his foot in his mouth and makes a fool of himself.

Well, if that was the case – if that was actually true – why would they be in such a panic over him addressing the nation?

After all, by their telling, he’s going to make a fool of himself and look stupid.

You’d think they’d be quivering with excitement over this address – eager to watch their nemesis beclown himself.

But they aren’t.

Instead they’re terrified.

Because Trump isn’t this incompetent ignoramus they’ve created.

As I’ve said before, the media-created Trump doesn’t exist.

And what’s more, the media and the Democrats know it.

They know that one-on-one with the American people, Trump is persuasive.  They know how good he is as making his case directly to the people.

At least they learned that much from the 2016 election.

The last thing the media and the Democrats want is for the President to get together with us – free of their spin and their coordinated talking points.


Because we’ll learn that they’ve been lying to us.

Their narrative will be destroyed.

And they will lose.

So last night, the media clutched its pearls and fretted over how they can maintain control over the narrative while the President takes his case directly to the American people.

Some networks even toyed with the idea of not airing the address at all.

Or time-delaying it in order to provide “context.”

And, see.  That right there is why they’re in a panic.

They don’t trust you to make your own decisions or come to your own conclusions.

Of course they don’t trust you.  After all, Americans ignored the media narrative in 2016 and elected Trump over Hillary.  The Democrats and the media will never trust the people ever again.

So their only option is to completely control the narrative.

And a Presidential Address to the Nation doesn’t just poke a hole in that narrative, it drives a Mack truck clean through it.

Why do you think the Democrats are scrambling to get “equal time” to respond to the President’s address?

This is panic you guys — sheer, unadulterated panic that their narrative won’t hold up against the President’s powers of persuasion.

They simply cannot have you hearing directly from President Trump.

They need to keep that firewall between us and the President firmly in place.

Because without that firewall, President Trump just might succeed in selling the American people on the importance of a Wall.

And if that happens, the Democrats and their Media Handmaids are all kinds of screwed.

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5 thoughts on “Trump to address the nation: Media and Democrats panic

  • January 8, 2019 at 10:01 am

    The truth for the Media, is like Holy Water to vampires. I hope President TRUMP brings a friggin FIREHOSE tonight.

    • January 8, 2019 at 7:05 pm

      Trump should, 1)Talk about illegals costing over $100Bil EVERY yr, & 1-time wall expense of $5-20Bil makes sense 2) # of murders/crimes by illegals, & # terrorists, criminals caught, 3)$11Bil wasted ‘Use It Or Lose IT’ year end spending by gov agencies, lest they lose $ nxt year, and 4) CHECKMATE, play tape of Schumer, BO, & Hill AGREEING w Trump on border security BEFORE he was POTUS, exposing their dishonesty & pettiness & defanging the ‘rascism’ charge.
      Oh yeah, Just like Reagan, tell ppl to swamp Washington w emails, letters, etc, to show their support of the wall. These things would all be effective.

  • January 8, 2019 at 11:17 am

    I recall back in the eighties Reagan went to the public for his tax cuts when Congress would not act on his proposals. The result was a success for the president or at least a partial success. The compromise was the earned income tax credit which is a bane to our existence today. In any event, I expect that since President Trump is nearly the equal to Reagan in terms of ability to communicate to the masses, his speech will advance the cause of building a border wall.

    Obama relied on his acolytes in the press to hammer home his rambling speeches to reinforce the narrative that he promoted. While Obama had skill with a teleprompter present, he lacked the common man authenticity that would drive his socialist plans to the finish line. Obama came off as elitist and aloof from the gritty reality of life.

    Trump has excellent skills in resonating with the masses. It is patently obvious that Trump understands the value of money and the lives of the people who work for a living. His track record as a developer is testimony to his communicative abilities as nothing moves forward in real estate without someone championing the cause who others rally around. Charisma and obvious respect for the audience are the tools needed to motivate the masses.

    The media has been left outside the circle and will not get to bat until after President Trump does and if he hits a home run, there is little the media can do to stop the Trump agenda. Since the press is the last ditch effort by the democrats to rein President Trump in I expect there to be much gnashing of teeth and pearls being clutched by the talking heads of the MSM. This should be a good show if only for the laughs at the MSM after President Trump is done.

  • January 8, 2019 at 12:10 pm

    what will happen is that most americans will live stream on their devices, thus bypassing the msm, and those who do watch the msm will immediately click off after POTUS is done, thereby giving the dems the talking point that no one watched him, therefore they won….I love it,,,their heads will explode

  • January 8, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Deep State rolls out RGB in a body bag tonight to try to derail the speech.

    Also, I’ve seen the actual law that the military can use construction funds set aside for that purpose in the Pentagon during war or a national emergency to build without congressional approval.

    It is 10 U.S. Code 2808 – Construction Authority in the event of declaration of war or national emergency.

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