Trump was right; it drove them crazy

Trump was right; it drove them crazy

During his appearance at Day One of the Republican National Convention, President Trump was greeted with chants of “Four More Years!” In typical Trump humor, he responded by saying, “If you really want to drive them crazy, you say twelve more years.”  And he was right. It drove them crazy.

Instantly, the breathlessly humorless Twitter ResistanceLOL was clutching its pearls and howling in righteous indignation.

Sometimes it takes a few months for Trump to be proven right.

This time, it was but a matter of moments.  He said it would drive them crazy and it absolutely drove them crazy.

“Putin and Hitler would be proud” said one humorless hysteric.

“He wants to be a dictator,” said the morons at VoteVets. “We, the people, will not allow it.”

“One does not joke about 12 more years,” said another. “That’s called a dictatorship.”

No, honey, that’s called “a joke.”

It was also one hell of a troll.

But it isn’t really that difficult to troll the Deranged ResistanceLOL.

I mean, for crying out loud, he said “If you really want to drive them crazy,” the morons took the bait, and it drove them crazy.

This is like setting a trap, posting an enormous sign beside it that reads, “THIS IS A TRAP” and still managing to catch your prey.

How dumb are these people?

I sometimes wonder if the ResistanceLOL is actually a movement to make Trump look totally relatable to normal, sentient human beings by making themselves look like completely humorless crazies.

If they had any sense at all, they wouldn’t take the bait.  But they can’t help themselves. Trump easily drove them crazy because these people have already driven themselves half mad.

Okay, more than half.

But honestly? The thing that really drove them crazy was the first day of the Republican convention was uplifting, positive, inspiring and didn’t have the feel of a dull telethon.

Because at the end of the day, it isn’t Trump these sad, miserable people despise.  They despise America.  And nothing makes them lose their marbles like Americans who are proud of their country.

It especially galls them when we normal people have fun.

Like this silly video. I admit, I laughed out loud.

Republicans enjoying themselves, expressing pride in America, displaying a love for this country, all while not taking themselves so freaking seriously makes the angry, bitter ResistanceLOL recoil like Dracula from a cross.

They’ve spent four years pretending America is some dystopic hell-scape filled with miserable people.  Are you surprised lighthearted humor drove them crazy?

The Democrats’ only hope of victory is selling America as a horrible, hateful, racist place. At their funereal convention last week, they showed no love of country, no gratitude for the blessings of Liberty.

This is the very reason Cuban/American Maximo Alvarez’s speech was so amazing last night. His love of America, his honor and respect for the blessings of Liberty were impossible to miss.

As I said last week, the Democrats’ entire platform is based on Trump Hatred.

And anything that veers away from this dystopic narrative makes them lose their minds.

We’re one night in to the Republican convention, and already their minds are gone.

You can expect this same kind of over-the-top histrionics every single day of the Republican National Convention.  And that, in itself, is an epic troll.

Because the more ridiculous and hysterical these deranged people are, the more normal Americans get creeped the hell out by them.

Speaking of Maximo Alvarez, his speech is so powerful, I wanted to include it:

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3 thoughts on “Trump was right; it drove them crazy

  • August 25, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    I have to point out: it doesn’t matter WHAT your sign says, they can’t read it LMAO 🙂 Their penmanship is that of an ax murderer, they canNOT spell, they can’t count back change, and they don’t think at all. No sense of humor, or joy, or fun of any kind. No wonder they are all pissing and moaning all the time 🙂

  • August 25, 2020 at 10:03 pm

    It’s duck season.

    No, it’s wabbit season.

    Duck season.

    Wabbit season.

    Wabbit season!

    Duck season! [BLAM!]

  • August 26, 2020 at 8:04 am

    Cannot take the time to read a sign, they are too busy jumping to conclusions and having knee jerk reactions.
    Judging by all the spaghetti arms on the boiz, the corpulent figures amongst the womyn, that’s the only exercise they ever get.

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