Tulsi owns Kamala and it’s Russia’s fault!!!!!

Tulsi owns Kamala

Last night, Tulsi Gabbard deservedly dragged Kamala Harris over her atrocious record as a prosecutor.

It is probably the most-watched moment of the debate, next to Kirsten Gillibrand saying she already defeated Trump and Joe’s bizarre “Go to Joe 30330.”

Tulsi is a radical nut-job to be sure, but even I found her takedown of not-ready-for-primetime Kamala Harris quite satisfying.

Here’s a video montage of the takedown. While you watch it focus on Kamala’s body language. Tulsi got some body-blows in and at some points, Kamala is actually physically flinching.

Back in January when Kamala first entered the race, attorney Robert Barnes pointed out that Kamala has never competed in a tough race. Much like Gillibrand, Kamala, as a Democrat, didn’t have to lift a finger to win her Senate seat because she was running in a deep blue state.

It isn’t hard to win a state-wide race if you’re a Democrat in California. But national office is a whole different ballgame. And on the national stage, being a pandering identity-politics drone with well-rehearsed soundbites ain’t enough.

Kamala has never faced real competition and she has never been challenged.  Until Tulsi took her apart last night.

And in that moment it was hard not to noticed that when she is challenged, Kamala folds like a bad poker hand.

Just look at Kamala’s face when Tulsi is hammering her.  She stared down at the podium like a scolded child.

Tulsi did to Kamala what Kamala Harris does to everyone else.  Gabbard hammered the hell out of her the same way Kamala did to Joe Biden in the first debate. Tulsi dragged her through the mud the same way Kamala does to any Trump nominee that comes before the Judiciary Committee.

And thanks to Tulsi Gabbard, we have learned that Kamala can’t endure the same kind of crap she pulls on everyone else.  She can dish it out, but she can’t take it.

Tulsi went for Kamala’s Achilles heel and it was damaging to say the least.

So how is Team Kamala responding to Tulsi Gabbard’s eviscerating their candidate on live TV?

By accusing Tulsi of being a Russia asset.

Believe it or not, a lot of the people replying to this tweet echo the claim that Tulsi is in Putin’s pocket. So, I guess we know where all of Rachel Maddow’s viewers have gone.

Rather than address the actual criticisms or defend Kamala’s abysmal record as a prosecutor, Ian Sams goes with the old “Oh yeah?! You’re a Russian asset!!!”

But of course he does.

Kamala’s record as a prosecutor and California’s Attorney General is indefensible.

The only reason Kamala Harris hasn’t been challenged on it until now is nobody in the so-called “Free Press” dares question her about it. Apparently Ian Sams expected the same kid-glove treatment from Kamala’s competitors.

So the joke “Everyone who disagrees with me is a Russian bot” is apparently not a joke when it comes to Kamala’s campaign team.

It stinks of desperation from a campaign that is not in any way prepared to compete for national office.

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  • August 2, 2019 at 7:54 am

    Tusk looked like a dish, until she opens her mouth, and you realize you’re allergic to nuts.

  • August 2, 2019 at 7:55 am

    *Tulsi—damn autocorrect.

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