Turning the Republican Party Blue

Turning the Republican Party Blue

Yesterday afternoon, while voters were heading to the polls, I saw a tweet from Donald Trump that caught my eye:

It wasn’t false. Not exactly.

Turns out the people who were upset that Trump’s name wasn’t on the ballot were Democrat voters. You see, Florida is a closed primary state. Only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. Some Democrat voters apparently went to the polls expecting to see Donald Trump’s name on their ballot alongside Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. [Which, come to think of it may be why Cruz said Trump appeals to Low Information voters.]

Jammie Wearing Fool, not known for mincing words, had this response to Donald Trump’s tweet:

[I guess Donald is a bit of a Low Information voter too.]

My guess is, if Trump isn’t the nominee, these Democrat voters will simply vote for Hillary in November. And if Trump is the nominee, I have no doubt these Democrats voters will pull the lever next to his name, then proceed to vote down-ticket Democrat on the rest of the ballot.

Why? Because Donald isn’t changing Democrat voters’ minds about Republicans. He isn’t making the case for conservative, limited government principles. Trump is simply a Democrat running in the other party’s race.

In other words, Donald isn’t turning Democrats red; he’s turning the Republican party blue.

It isn’t semantics. There really is a difference.

Donald Trump is quite literally a Republican in Name Only (AKA RINO). Everything about him is Democrat except the particular party in which he chose to run his race for the White House.

Over the years, he has given generously to Democrats not just in his home state of New York, but across the country. In fact, yesterday Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review revealed that Trump donated a total of six thousand dollars to Kamala Harris — the Leftist Attorney General of California who is currently running to replace Barbara Boxer in the Senate. Trump didn’t do this years and years ago; these donations were for Harris’ 2014 reelection campaign (beginning around the time Trump was flirting with a Republican presidential run against Obama and continuing into 2013).

From Horowitz’s piece:

Donald Trump donated thousands of dollars to extreme leftists in California, such as Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. But that was last decade, which was part of the “ancient” history before Trump’s cathartic conversion. More recently, while conservatives were fighting the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and Obama’s sanctuary nation policies, Trump donated $6,000 to Kamala Harris, the California attorney general who is, perhaps, one of the most notorious supporters of sanctuary cities in the country. In 2014, his daughter, Ivanka, also cut a $2,000 check to the queen of sanctuary cities. That was after Harris championed the despicable Trust Act, which turned the entire state of California into a sanctuary for illegals. Coupled with her activities during her first term as attorney general and her prior work as San Francisco district attorney, Harris is one of the leftists most responsible for the policies that led to the murder of Kate Steinle.

In the beginning of the summer, many of us firmly believed that this could be the first Presidential election in over thirty years where Republicans had an opportunity to make the case for conservatism. We had some strong conservative candidates throwing their hats into the ring — Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz. But once again, the party was hijacked. Only this time, it wasn’t hijacked by “Establishment elitists.” This time, it was hijacked by a Liberal Democrat who promptly tossed conservatism aside, adopted the rage and anger most commonly utilized by the Left, and fundamentally transformed the Republican Party into a blue hybrid.

It’s a little disappointing.

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