Twitter’s army of Busybodies, Nosy Parkers and Tattletales


As I mentioned in the update to yesterday’s post on Jesse Kelly, Twitter relented and reinstated Jesse’s account.

Naturally, they’re lying about what happened – claiming Kelly was temporarily suspended for violating the terms of service.

Only problem is, in their email to Jesse, they told a different story:

busybodies nosy parkers tattletales

But here’s the truth.

By now claiming it was a temporary suspension for violating Twitter rules, they will have cause to permanently suspend him if he gets reported again.

Kelly’s suspension made national news. And that means the busybodies, Nosy Parkers and tattletales will be watching him like a hawk – waiting for any so-called infraction they can use to report him.

I have no doubt about that.

And fortunately for the powers that be at Twitter who clearly want him gone, there are plenty of busybodies, Nosy Parkers and tattletales populating their site who will do the work needed to drive Jesse out for good.

These are the folks who see their role on Twitter as one part Mrs. Kravitz and one part Hall Monitor.

Like a bunch of finger-sniffing elementary school tattletales, they haunt conservative Twitter and report on every perceived “hateful” tweet.

Trust me, it galls these busybodies that Twitter caved on Jesse Kelly.

Then again, it galls Twitter that they had to cave.

But they know they’ll get him gone soon enough thanks to their army of busybodies, Nosy Parkers and tattletales who will swarm Jesse Kelly’s Twitter feed like Michael Moore at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The goal of this Battalion of Mrs. Kravitzes isn’t just to avoid the icky conservatives on Twitter. If it was, they would just make use of the Block and Mute options.

No. Their goal is to make Twitter a Safe Space for the busybodies, Nosy Parkers and tattletales.

It makes them crazy to know we’re there – even if they are perfectly capable of making sure our tweets do not show up on their feed.

And you know who has become an expert at manipulating this army of hall monitors?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

That is her secret for “fighting back” against her critics.

As I said the other day, she doesn’t do the fighting. She sends her Twitter flying monkeys after her critics instead. And not just to harass them, but, more importantly, to report them to Twitter support in hopes of getting them banned.

Case in point.

After Alexandria’s insipid tweet comparing the caravan of illegals who stormed our border to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, she was roundly criticized for making such a comparison.

Like clockwork, Alexandria’s response to the criticism was to sic her followers on everyone who criticized her.

That included this tweet from Arthur Schwartz:

And dutiful busybodies, Nosy Parkers and tattletales that they are, they eagerly reported him for violating Twitter rules.

What kind of a sad, pathetic life must you lead that you make it your mission to drive others off Twitter for criticizing or questioning the ridiculous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

But the reality is Twitter is overflowing with such sad, pathetic people.

And they will never be happy so long as there remains a single conservative voice on Twitter.

I’m telling you now, expect the same sad, pathetic, childish busybodies, Nosy Parkers and tattletales to descend on Jesse Kelly.

Because it’s what they do.

He is a marked man now.

And I have this sinking feeling his return to Twitter will be short-lived.

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  • November 28, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    he is still on gab so he can still speak freely

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