Two must-read columns to start your week

Happy Monday all. I start every morning reading the news and checking out the columns from my favorite writers.

And I just read two columns that are so damn excellent, you really should check them out.

The first is from Kurt Schlichter.

Schlichter’s columns are always a must-read.  But today’s column Pardon Everyone (Except That Rat Cohen) is aces.

Here’s a bit to get you started:

This painful to admit it, but we need to grow up. There are two sets of law in America today, meaning there is no rule of law in America today. Oh, there are statutes, and there are courts, and there are agencies full of people with guns willing to enforce the will of aspiring tyrants, but there is not rule of law. There is only power, theirs and ours. Time to get woke to the undeniable fact that the Fredoconsdeny up and down. Justice is no longer blind. Her blindfold is off and she’s picking favorites.

You are not one of her favorites.

You, and those you elect, are not equal under the law to members of the elite.

It’s all about power. And the guy we elected to act as a wrecking ball should use the power we gave him to make it right.

Then Kurt gets to the heart of it:

Pardon everyone, for everything.

It’s all a lie and a scam anyway, and there’s no sense pretending this is all some kind of legit truth-seeking exercise in support of lofty and noble principles. It’s a tawdry frame job by a failed elite desperate to hold on to the power that the people revoked in November 2016. We owe the ruling class no respect; there’s no reason to pretend this Mueller farce is anything but a transparent attempt to claw-back the authority the elite forfeited by being terrible.

Oh no, they’ll impeach him! They’re going to impeach him anyway. He might as well flip them this bird first. When they get 67 senators, we can start caring. Until then, pardon this, jerks.

Schlichter’s point is clear.  As he puts it, “Abusive power can only be resisted by superior power employed to right these injustices. That’s the power of the pardon, the power to cure abuses.”

The second of the two must-read columns is from Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness: The Globalist Mindset: They Hate You.

Voters in consensual societies are often assumed too ignorant of the world beyond their borders, too encumbered with traditional racial, ethnic, gender, religious, and nationalist prejudices, and too ill-informed to know what is good for them. No wonder that sometimes hoi polloi must either vote repeatedly until they get it right, or follow executive and judicial fiats issued from their betters on high. In the globalist mindset, Brexit passed not because it was felt to be good by a majority or even advantageous for the United Kingdom, but because racists, xenophobes, nativists, protectionists, and chauvinists deluded the clueless public into thinking a pre-EU, and more racist and sexist Britain was somehow superior.

And this:

Angela Merkel—who recently pronounced that nations must be “prepared to give up their sovereignty”—and her ilk are representations of the same sort of values as those of Hillary Clinton’s circle. Elites do not see their fellow citizens in exceptional terms of the affinities of a common language, shared history, or sovereign geography. Instead, they envision themselves as Socratic citizens of the world. They are an international siblinghood with common blue-chip educations, wealth, and long service in the administrative state. The anointed alone “see” and “grasp” what is really going on with the world, and therefore what really needs to be done right now, at all costs, regardless of the opposition from what Hillary wrote off as “all that red in the middle.”

Both of these columns get to the heart of the issue facing Europe and America today.

The will of the people, the notion of self-government – the things that are at the very heart of the Western World are an obstacle to those who have deemed themselves our “betters.”

And they will stop at nothing to crush us beneath their boot.

They will use the United Nations, the courts and the so-called “justice system” to see to it we never threaten their power again.

I’ve said before that it isn’t Donald Trump these people hate; they hate us.

They hate self-government.

The last thing they want is for the American people to actually have a say in choosing our President.

Sure, they’re willing to maintain the farce of elections. But elections are never supposed to go against what they desire.

And when that happens, they will stop at nothing to overturn the will of the people.

Look no further than Brexit or the election of Donald Trump.

It didn’t matter that voters chose to leave the UK or chose to elect Donald Trump.

Our faux aristocrats are not going to let these elections get in their way.

Back in early January 2017, I wrote a column titled “Don’t mistake winning a battle for winning the war.”

The Left never gives up.

It never surrenders.

Not in defeat.

And certainly not in victory.

If we look at Donald Trump’s victory as winning the war, we’re going to lose and lose big.

I actually had a reader on Facebook tell me to stop writing about Obama. Stop writing about these Leftist celebrities. Trump won. We don’t need to bother with them anymore.

That’s acting like you’ve won the war when you’ve only won a battle.

Yeah, it’s true. We won.

But the Left hasn’t surrendered. They haven’t conceded anything.

Here we are nearly two years later and look at what they’ve done.  Look at how far these cretins are willing to go to not only undermine but completely overturn a democratic election.

It isn’t because of Russia.

It isn’t because Trump paid off a blackmailer.

And it certainly isn’t because President Trump is a fascist or racist or white supremacist or blah-blah-blah.

It’s because We the People elected someone who isn’t one of them.

And they will do anything – no matter how unjust or illegal – to claw their way back into power.

Take the time to read both columns.

In fact, if you haven’t already done so, bookmark American Greatness and make it a daily stop on your travels through the internet. Their columns are outstanding – their writers superb.

Kurt Schlichter’s columns appear at Townhall every Monday and Thursday.  And not one of them should be missed.

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3 thoughts on “Two must-read columns to start your week

  • December 17, 2018 at 11:40 am

    frightening and sad,,,,,,,,we need to band together in our communities and blocks to protect ourselves,,,,but I have no hope of anything to get better, it will be about survival

  • December 17, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    In ’79 most felt as you; then we elected an honest President, and we were all hopeful for the best. Hopes dashed in ’89 when “The New WorldOrder” move in. Then hoes raised again in ’92.

    The markets fluctuate and so does confidence. It may be that our current fears are right; or it may be the confidence we all felt from ’81 to ’89 were right
    All I can say for sure – based on decades of living -is that as long as you fight, you have a chance to kill the bad. If you stop fighting then you are dead!

    So fight on, fight hard! If you die, die with honor!

  • December 17, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    I’ve said for years that if you are rich you are too valuable, and if you are poor a victim therefore the laws never apply to those two groups. If you are middle class you are the new slave class and you will have laws applied to you that you never knew existed.

    Two Americas indeed.

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