Two percent

Fox News did a poll last week in which they asked the following question:

As you may know, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state she used a personal email account and a computer server at her home to do government work. In March, Clinton said no emails on her private server contained classified information. However, internal government investigators recently determined classified information was contained in Clinton’s emails on that server. Do you think Clinton knowingly lied about the emails or there’s another explanation?

Here were the results:
58% said Hillary lied.
33% said there is another explanation
7% didn’t know
2% said Hillary told the truth

If ever there was a more cringe-worthy poll, I haven’t seen it.

Two percent believe Hillary is being honest.

Two percent.

I’m guessing this two percent are also the people who believe Obama saved the economy, if they like their doctor they can keep their doctor, the moon landing was faked, and Elvis is still alive and living in Muncie, Indiana.

I mean for heaven’s sake. 25% of Americans surveyed in 2013 said Obama is the anti-Christ.

They can find 25% who think that, but they can’t rustle up more than 2% who believe Hillary is telling the truth?

Don’t you think that spells serious trouble for the former Miss Rodham?

If you think it’s any better for her among the double-X portion of our population, you would be wrong.

Among women, it is still only 2% who believe Hillary told the truth. But, women are more inclined to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt with 40% of them who believe “there’s another explanation.”

But wait!

There’s more!

The “Millennials? ” The percentage of those under the age of 35 who think Hillary told the truth is statistically zero. In fact, 63% of Millennials think she’s a big, fat lying sack of crap.

While at the Iowa State Fair this weekend, Hillary, maintaining her claim that this email scandal is a whole lot of nothing cooked up by Right Wing Attack Groups, claimed, “It’s not anything that people talk to me about as I travel around the country. It is never raised in my town halls. It is never raised in my other meetings with people.” [hat tip American Thinker]

Hey, Hill?

Maybe the reason nobody is raising the issue at your town halls or other meetings is because they know the answers you give are going to be flagrant lies, so why bother?

Given the results of this poll, Hillary claiming that Americans trust her and don’t care about this criminal investigation is yet another glaring example of how completely out of touch with reality the former Miss Rodham seems to be.

At least she’s not alone.

She can rest easy tonight knowing that two percent of Americans are right there in La-la land with her.

Two percent

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