Two things are going to sink her

This has been a week of bad news for the former Miss Rodham.

Hillary’s poll numbers have been so far from what one expects from a woman who, just four months ago, was all but guaranteed the Democrat nomination for President.

Her “trustworthy” numbers are in free-fall, helped along generously by the exposé Clinton Cash and the “leaked” information about Hillary’s private email server in her home.

Michael Goodwin, a writer for the NY Post has an article today where he floats the theory that Valerie Jarrett is behind the effort to sink Hillary’s candidacy.

I’ve been saying that for months.

In early March, I wrote a column called The Long Knives are Out where I wrote:

Imagine a world in which Valerie Jarrett would permit Hillary Clinton to be elected President.
You can’t can you?
Why are the long knives out for Hillary?
Because Hillary wants to be President so badly that she would do just about anything to get there.
The problem is, Hillary cannot be controlled the way Obama can.
Hillary will not permit her presidency to be maneuvered behind the scenes by Valerie Jarrett.
Frankly, Hillary wouldn’t let Jarrett past the main gate of the White House, let alone give her the kind of power Val has enjoyed for the last six years.
A lot of people fear that Obama will either defy the Constitution and run for a third term, or worse, will disregard the elections and maintain his position as President after January 20, 2017.
I’m not particularly concerned about that, mostly because Obama isn’t the one who is wielding the power.
Obama is expendable.
The person I fear wants to remain in the White House is Jarrett.
And that is completely doable provided the Democrats run a candidate who is willing to play ball with Val.
And trust me on this one. That ain’t Hillary.

The truth is, two things are going to sink her campaign this time around:

Number 1. Hillary doesn’t have the blind and obedient support of the entire Enslaved Press
The only reason Bill Clinton managed to survive breaking the law, raping at least two women, sexually harassing God knows how many other woman, perjuring himself and being disbarred and impeached is because he was completely protected by the Enslaved Press.

Now Hillary is facing legal problems and she is not being shielded in the way Bill was.

That decision doesn’t happen without the encouragement of somebody who is far more important to the Left than Hillary Clinton.

Sure, she still has some ability to manipulate the Enslaved Press. She’s a Clinton after all. But compared to the united front that has shielded Barack Obama from his own incompetence and criminal behavior for the last six and a half years, Hillary doesn’t have the same kind of impregnable wall of protection.

I believe that is in large part due to Valerie Jarrett and the far-Left Liberal moneymen — most notably George Soros.

Soros can’t be a full-throated Hillary supporter because she lacks the pure far-left creds of say Obama or Bernie Sanders. Like with most of the things Hillary says and does, she’s faking her sudden veer to the Left. Even a Leftist kook like Soros can tell she’s faking it.

The Clintons were never ideologues the way Soros or Jarrett are. Sure, they’re Liberals, but they are more about personal power and gratification than they are a “cause.”

Would Soros put his bottomless bank account behind Hillary if she makes it to the General?

Yeah. Probably. But he doesn’t want her to make it to the General. Neither does Jarrett.

Therefore, neither will the Enslaved Press.

Number 2: Hillary Herself
As Rush Limbaugh has been saying for years, Hillary’s poll number go up in direct proportion to how little she speaks.

The more people see and hear her, the worse she does.

Hillary simply isn’t likeable.

Not even a little.

Yeah, there will be maybe 40% of voters who will back her no matter what. Even if they had to endure ten straight hours of nothing but Hillary laughing:

[Those wicked, wicked people from IJ Review put that together. I hope whoever edited all ten hours got hazard pay]

But for the other 60% of the country, the more they see her, the less they like her.

And that is one difficult dynamic to combat.

No matter how many memoirs, or “reinventions” and “relaunches” her campaign dreams up, when push comes to shove, they’re still stuck with Hillary.

I need a do-over

No matter how many names she may add to her own enemies list, the bottom line is Hillary will always be her own worst enemy.

When you’re trying to sell a cow pie, it doesn’t matter how many millions of dollars you spend on marketing, at the end of the day, it’s just a cow pie.

The only reason the former Miss Rodham has made it this far in life is because, up until the rise of Valerie Jarrett, Hillary enjoyed a Star-Trek-Style deflector shield courtesy of the Enslaved Press.

It was easy to overlook Hillary’s detestability factor when it was overlooked by the media.

Those days are gone.

And all Hillary has left is herself.

One big, steaming cow pie that sinks to high heaven.

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