Some ugly stuff in these WikiLeaks Podesta Emails


WikiLeaks has released another batch of Podesta emails today and I spent several hours combing through them.

Though hardly scandalous, I have discovered so pretty ugly stuff.

And it all seems to come from the same person. Clinton campaign operative and President of Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden.

Reading through the emails from Tanden, I see all the stereotypical condescending smugness and general nastiness we have come to expect from Liberal Democrats.

She’s not very nice.

To anybody.

In 2014 as Hillary’s campaign team was forming, Tanden emailed Podesta asking him “Is here something I can do to get a grown up around Hillary?”


But Tanden’s criticism isn’t limited to the campaign staff.

She also is very critical of the former Miss Rodham.

On September 15, 2015 , Tanden emails Podesta and asks:

Why did she call herself a moderate?

Podesta replies:

I pushed her on this on Sunday night. She claims she didn’t remember saying it. Not sure I believe her. We were speculating, that it may be a Don Baer intervention.

But Tanden’s reply is nothing short of revealing:

I mean it makes my life more difficult after telling every reporter I know she’s actually progressive but that is really the smallest of issues. It worries me more that she doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment.

Keep in mind, this is the woman who, in an lengthy interview with Clinton sycophant Glenn Thrush of Politico wanted people to know that Hillary is “like, she’s a person. She’s a normal person. She laughs; she cries.”

Apparently Tanden meant that Hillary is a normal person who isn’t from this planet.

Tanden is also not a fan of David Brock – Hillary’s oppo-research hit-man.

In January, 2016, Tanden sends Podesta an email from Politico that cites David Brock as saying Hillary would be facing Trump in the General Election.

Tanden writes:

David Brock is like a menace. I can think of no worse message for Hillary right now than she’s preparing for the general. I continue to believe he’s the manchurian candidate of the GOP – secretly out to tank her.

Podesta replies:

Do you really believe that or do you think he’s just an unhinged narcissist?

To which Tanden answers:

I truly believe he’s an unhinged soulless narcissist. Because I’m not actually a conspiracy theorist like David Brock.
Though given Hillary’s conspiracy theories – she would probably get some doubts if the Manchurian candidate idea was raised.

How interesting to have one of Hillary’s own campaign people accuse her of having conspiracy theories.

Tanden doesn’t particularly like Bill deBlasio either.

She let Podesta know in forwarding him an email exchange with the New York mayor:

I find him a bit insufferable. Sorry if I let me extreme annoyance show.

When Larry Lessig announced he would run for President, Tanden’s response to Podesta was about as charming and measured as a blow to the head:

I fucking hate that guy.
Like I’d like to kick the shit out of him on Twitter … but I know that is dumb.

One last thing. Neera Tanden isn’t a fan of people from the South.


In an exchange between Tanden and Podesta in mid-September, 2015, Podesta writes:

On another matter, do you think it’s weird that of the 15 finalists in Miss America, 10 came from the 11 states of the CSA?

The always charming Tanden answers:

Not at all
I would imagine the only people who watch it are from the confederacy and by now they know that so they’ve rigged the thing in their honor.

Yup. Only you backward folks from the South are so gauche as to watch Miss America.

Apparently “Stronger Together” doesn’t apply to the people within the Clinton campaign.

Perhaps it’s her close relationship with John Podesta that makes Tanden comfortable attacking everybody else. But having these emails revealed through WikiLeaks is no doubt going to hurt her reputation somewhat.

I’m sure Tanden, like Podesta, will play the “I will not authenticate these stolen emails” riff while hoping to ride out the scandal.

But what else can she do?

No wonder she works for Hillary’s campaign.

Like Mrs. Clinton herself, Tanden has both a public face and a private face. And that private face is just as ugly and hateful as Hillary’s.

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3 thoughts on “Some ugly stuff in these WikiLeaks Podesta Emails

  • October 19, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    I find it scandalous that John Podesta takes time from his busy schedule of assassinating Supreme Court Justices and organizing media collusion to watch Miss America news.

  • October 21, 2016 at 9:17 am

    She just needs a good man to care of. someone to make sandwiches for, rub his feet and iron his shirts.

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