Uh-oh, Schiffy is sweating bullets

Remember that scene from the movie Airplane when Robert Hayes’ character has to land the plane and he’s sweating like crazy?

I’m guessing that pretty much sums up Adam Schiff today.

The guy is sweating bullets.


But who can blame him?

He’s spent the last year trying desperately to hide the fact that his Russia witch hunt was based on a fraud perpetrated by the Obama DOJ and FBI.

And that fraud is about to be exposed.

I’d be sweating too.

I saw a few still shots from Schiff’s press conference yesterday. And the guy looks like a bug-eyed deer caught in the headlights.

There’s a certain amount of Schadenfreude in seeing this unethical little leaker twisting in the wind.

And trust me. If this memo was benign and pointless, Adam Schiff wouldn’t be sweating bullets right now.

And the news media wouldn’t be working overtime to discredit both the memo and Devin Nunes.

Their reactions alone are proof that the Schiff is about to hit the fan.

Check out this clip from Fox this morning. Tucker Carlson slams sweaty Schiff right between the eyes.

Excellent segment.

I’ve said before, Hillary Clinton had to win in order to keep hidden the abuses of our justice system in their attempt not only to influence the election, but also to undermine the duly elected President.

And every Democrat on the Hill was fully aware of just what was at stake should Hillary lose.

And that’s precisely why they hatched this ridiculous RussiaGate narrative.

They’re not trying to preserve our democracy. That’s utter bull.

They’re trying to cover up the undermining of our democracy by unelected bureaucrats in the FBI and Obama Justice Department.

And that cover-up is about to blow up in their faces like a trick cigar.

No wonder Adam Schiff is sweating bullets.

If you spent the last year helping to perpetrate a fraud that is about to be exposed, you’d be sweating too.

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