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We hold them up as heroes because that’s what they are. It takes a special kind of courage to be a peace officer. To be the one people turn to in their most desperate moments. To be willing to run into a dangerous situation, when everyone else is running the other way. Scripture tells us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves — but only a special few take that commandment so deeply to heart that they are willing to risk their lives so that others — often total strangers — can know peace and security. And that’s what peace officers do. And today, we honor 131 who made that ultimate sacrifice.

Read those words again. Sound like they were spoken by somebody who has done nothing but show the utmost respect for law enforcement officers, doesn’t it?

I’m sure you’d be shocked to learn that those words were actually uttered by one Barack Hussein Obama.

Yesterday was National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day.

And, Obama, never one to turn down the opportunity to read a speech, suddenly decided he had to honor fallen officers. Many of whom were killed in the line of duty as a direct result of the very anti-police sentiment that Obama, his former Attorney General Holder, and his BFF Al Sharpton have been ginning up since Henry Louis Gates pitched a hissy fit with the stupidly behaving Cambridge Police Department.

It reminds me of Season 5 of the TV show “24.” President Charles Logan, along with a cadre of men both inside and outside of the Government arranged for the assassination of former President David Palmer. Toward the end of the season, President Logan decides he wants to say a few words at President Palmer’s casket before his body is flown to DC for burial.

The arrogance of the man to go so far as to eulogize someone he arranged to kill seems so disgusting and fictional.

Surely that couldn’t happen in real life.

But then, there’s Barack Obama, a man who has done nothing but vilify the police — practically accusing them of being closet Klansmen — rushing to the Police Memorial to make a speech about the “special kind of courage” needed to be in law enforcement.

Well, I suppose it does take a special kind of courage to continue to do your job despite the fact that the President of the United States and his gaggle of racial demagogues have been fanning the flames of anger and violence against you.

But wait. He said more:

Your jobs are inherently dangerous. The reminders are too common. Just a few days ago, two police officers were killed in the line of duty in Mississippi. A week before that, an officer was killed in the line of duty in Queens. A few months before that, two of his fellow officers in the NYPD were killed as well.
We cannot erase every darkness or danger from the duty that you’ve chosen. We can offer you the support you need to be safer. We can make the communities you care about and protect safer, as well. We can make sure that you have the resources you need to do your job. We can do everything we have to do to combat the poverty that plagues too many communities in which you have to serve.

“We cannot erase every darkness or danger from the duty that you’ve chosen. We can offer you the support you need to be safer.”

Can you believe this tripe?

I’ve said it before. Obama is like a murderer who suffers from Hero Homicide Complex.

Hero Homicide Complex is when a murderer puts people’s lives in danger in order to save them. It’s the fireman who sets a fire in order to rush into the burning building and rescue the people trapped inside. It’s the nurse who injects a patient with a drug to stop his heart in order to heroically save him.

It’s the President who sets the fires of anger and vengeance that makes police officers’ targets — so much so that in just the last couple of weeks, Detective Brian Moore, Sergeant Greg Moore, Officer Liquori Tate, Officer Benjamin Dean and Deputy Sonny Smith were all shot and killed in the line of duty.

And now Obama stands before a policeman’s memorial and makes a speech about offering support to make their jobs safer?!

It’s pathological. Mark Levin is right, Obama has a screw loose. There is something deeply psychologically wrong with this guy.

As Obama wound up his speech, he said:

We can work harder, as a nation, to heal the rifts that still exist in some places between law enforcement and the people you risk your lives to protect. We owe it to all of you who wear the badge with honor. And we owe it to your fellow officers who gave their last full measure of devotion.

“We can work harder, as a nation, to heal the rifts that still exist?”

Mr. President, you have spent six and a half years working hard to create those rifts.

We have those widening rifts thanks to you.

And you have the gall to lecture us about the need to work hard to heal them?!

My God. I don’t even know where to begin!

Rush Limbaugh is spot-on once again. This is the “Limbaugh Theorem” on full display.

Obama causes a problem, then he rails against the problem he causes as if he had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Has he no shame?!

Has he no sense of decency?!

Is he even made of human parts?!

How does this creature masquerading as a human being live with himself?!

One final note: I had added to the Blog Roll the link to the Officer Down Memorial Page. This site honors each LEO who dies in the line of duty. For those of you who, like me, truly do honor and respect law enforcement, it is a vital site to bookmark.

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