This is what unraveling looks like

For weeks now the Enslaved Press has been telling everyone that Donald Trump’s campaign is unraveling.


How so?

Is it because Hillary Clinton has spent millions of dollars in negative ads and her lead in the polls keeps evaporating?

Or is it that Trump is so wildly popular, his campaign events are packed to the rafters with cheering supporters?

Perhaps Trump’s campaign is unraveling because his trip to Louisiana was appreciated by not only the people in the flood-ravaged areas, but also by Louisiana Democrats Mary Landrieu and John Bel Edwards.

If you really want to know what unraveling looks like, take a gander at Team Clinton.

Let’s review, shall we?

The Democrat nominee for President has become so reticent to hold public campaign events, it’s as if she’s morphed into Greta Garbo.

It probably doesn’t help that she can’t seem to even fill a high school gymnasium.

For over a year she has repeatedly claimed that she turned over all work-related emails from her home-brew server. Then yesterday the FBI announced they recovered nearly fifteen thousand emails she didn’t bother to include.

What a shock. She got caught lying once again.

The news that Hillary Clinton’s State Department was engaged in a pay-to-play scheme with its conjoined twin sister The Clinton Foundation reveals a level of corruption rarely seen outside of organized crime.

It was learned this past week that in her interview with the FBI, Hillary blamed former Secretary of State Colin Powell for her use of a private server for all her email communication.

Blaming the black guy. There’s a novel idea.

Powell has hit back and hit back hard. If it is true that Hillary lied to the FBI about this, she has broken the law. Unlike lying to the police (or to the voters), lying to the FBI is illegal.

On top of that, information has been revealed that Hillary’s long-time companion Huma Abedin worked as an editor for a radical Islamic publication that blamed the US for the 9/11 attacks.

Then there’s Hillary’s defensiveness over her health.

Clearly this particular line of attack is getting under Hillary’s translucent skin. So much so, that the woman who assured us in no uncertain terms that she never sent or received classified information is now assuring us that her health is great.

The woman who unequivocally declared that she turned over all work-related emails is now declaring that the talk about her health is nothing but conspiracy theory.

When Hillary gets defensive, her factory default setting is to lie like a two-bit hustler.

If Donald Trump’s campaign was really “unraveling” and Hillary Clinton was sailing to a landslide victory, reality would match this.

But It doesn’t.

Does it?

So when reality doesn’t fit the narrative, guess what they do?

They tweak reality.

Let me give you one example.

Monmouth University conducted a poll in Ohio where 33% of respondents were Republican, 29% were Democrat and 35.6% were Independent. Trump beat Hillary by two points (41% to 39%).

So what did Monmouth do?

They re-jiggered the numbers. The revised poll included 29% Republican, 33% Democrat and 37% Independent. In this poll Hillary came out ahead by four points.

Even with the re-jiggered numbers Hillary’s lead is within the 4.9% margin of error.

But we’re supposed to believe Trump is unraveling and Hillary is winning in a landslide?!

If Trump were really unraveling and Hillary were in fact running away with this, there would be no need to re-jigger the numbers.

Trump isn’t the one who is unraveling.

Hillary Clinton is.

She’s unraveling like a cheap sweater in the spin cycle.

The only reason it doesn’t seen that way is because the Enslaved Press keeps rushing in with a needle and thread to try and patch her back together again.


In fact, CNN today has a story claiming that the questions about Hillary’s health are the 2016 version of the “Birther conspiracy.” [Which the Clinton campaign started in 2008.]

Much in the way “birthers” (Trump was among the most prominent) sought similar ends by questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship, the “healthers” are using junk science and conspiracy theories to argue that Clinton is suffering from a series of debilitating brain injuries.
In an interview on “Fox News Sunday” this weekend, former New York City mayor and Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani first accused the mainstream media of hiding evidence, then encouraged doubters to “go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness.'”
There is absolutely no credible evidence to backstop any of these claims, including on the “videos” Giuliani cited. Clinton’s physician — the only person to speak on the record who has actually examined her — has repeatedly affirmed the former secretary of state’s health and fitness for the highest office in the land.

You got that? Hillary is the picture of health because her doctor said so. And we all know that nobody would lie to cover Hillary’s Mumu-obscured ass.

If CNN feels the pressing need to “debunk” these “conspiracy theories,” you can be certain that concerns over Hillary’s health are having a negative impact on the Clinton campaign.

While Donald Trump has had a couple of terrific weeks on the campaign trail, Hillary’s post-convention “bounce” seems more like the soggy thunk of a deflated basketball.

Hillary and her water carriers in the Enslaved Press are on the defensive.

You don’t go on the defensive if your campaign is sailing to victory.

There’s no need for the Enslaved Press to run interference for you 24/7 if you’re headed for a win of landslide proporitions.

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