Using the National Guard like disposable props

Using the National Guard like disposable props

Someone, I’m not sure who, once said, “You don’t pay a woman for sex; you pay her to leave afterward.” Whoever said it must’ve been a Democrat. Because this week, the Democrats are using the National Guard like a ten-dollar hooker – disposable props to be exploited and cast aside the moment the Democrats got what they wanted.

They didn’t pay the National Guard to curtail a threat. There was no threat.

They paid the National Guard to leave once they served their purpose.

And apparently the National Guard has served their purpose.

It was reported in Politico yesterday that the thousands of National Guardsmen stationed in the Capitol were unceremoniously booted out and forced to hole up in a nearby parking garage.

As I said on Monday, the large-scale deployment of National Guard in DC was nothing but performative optics.

There was no threat.

There was no insurrection that needed to be put down.

It was all theater — a staged and scripted performance to justify jamming through a bogus impeachment and, of course, giving the Democrats an opportunity to star in the role of the heroic victims of “white supremacist insurrectionists.”

And now their psychodrama is wrapping up, so the National Guard can go pound sand.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the Democrats tossed them aside once they had no need for the performative optics. Democrats have a long history of using the American military as props.

Remember in 2009 when Barack Obama told a bunch of servicemen in South Korea “You guys make a pretty good photo op?”

Hookers. The National Guard. Some people are meant to be used and discarded at will.

When Democrats needed them visible, they were brave, heroic defenders of domestic enemies.

But as soon as the performative drama ended, the National Guard got hurried out the door in true “we don’t care where you go, but you can’t stay here” fashion.

The least the Democrats could’ve done is left a twenty on the dresser first. But they didn’t even do that.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It isn’t the discomfort of being sent to a parking garage that bothers me. These are military men, not gender studies undergrads. Bivouacking in a parking garage isn’t going to be hardship to them.

What bothers me is politicians using the National Guard as cardboard cut-out extras in their Propaganda Theater.

I said on Monday these optics would backfire. And they have. The fact that Democrats so quickly dropped the pretense and hustled the Guardsmen out of the Capitol reveals just how unnecessary the overwhelming show of force was to begin with.

Democrats used them to advance the narrative that they were scared for their lives when clearly they weren’t scared for their lives.

The truth is, the Democrats could’ve called up Central Casting and employed thousands of Hollywood extras and achieved the same effect.

Governor Abbott has already requested that the Texas National Guard return home.  I won’t be surprised if other governors do the same.

All that trouble and expense for a phantom threat that never existed.

And the politicians knew the threat never existed. They knew it was theater.

And now we know too.

The National Guard deserves better than being treated like extras in a fevered psychodrama produced by cravenly dishonest politicians.

But using people as props is what these craven politicians do. It’s what they’ve always done.

And on the outside chance a White House reporter asks President🤣 Biden about this, I’m sure old Joe will get belligerent and angrily remind the reporter that his son Beau served in the military.

Because Joe uses Beau’s military service the same way the Democrats in DC have just used the National Guard.

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4 thoughts on “Using the National Guard like disposable props

  • January 22, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    I was going to lambaste the Dems for this stupid misuse of unwitting dupes but then I realized both parties are guilty of this. Joey Fingers you addled old fool what a clusterfuck of a shitshow this next four years will be. The really funny part will be the asinine sycophants in the press (Chrissy Wallace, your cue!!) trying to convince us that these junior high school antics are really waaaayyy better than DJT. My beloved country…..what have we done to merit this mindless nitwittery?

    • January 22, 2021 at 4:35 pm

      “mindless nitwittery”
      Do you mind if I steal that?

  • January 23, 2021 at 5:34 pm

    Beautifully said.

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