Wednesday night after the debate had ended, I was tootling through Twitter when I saw a tweet from someone claiming to be a foreign hacker. This supposed foreign hacker said that he and many others were hired by the Clinton campaign to hack into Breitbart’s online “Who won the debate” poll.

I dismissed the tweet without a second thought.

After all, anybody can go on Twitter and claim to be an elderly Dutch woman, but it doesn’t make it so. [Sorry, that was a reference to an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” which now I realize you probably don’t get.]

Anybody can go on Twitter and say he’s a foreign hacker paid by the Clinton campaign. That doesn’t make it the truth.

But about a half hour later, I was on Breitbart’s site and decided to vote in their “Who won the debate” poll. I selected “Donald Trump” and clicked VOTE.

Sure enough, Hillary Clinton was winning the vote 60% to Trump’s 40%. It seemed incredibly odd.

Maybe this anonymous hacker on Twitter wasn’t just pretending to be an anonymous hacker.

Breitbart is reporting that thousands of those voting in their online poll were from foreign IP addresses that went overwhelmingly for Clinton.

Despite the initial wave of Clinton votes, in the end, Trump won the poll with 53.74% of the vote.

When Breitbart reran the numbers discounting those from foreign IP addresses, Trump won with over 71% of the vote.

Now this doesn’t prove that this guy on Twitter was for real. He or she still could be blowing smoke up our asses just to jerk us around.

Online polls on debate night aren’t scientific.

But the truth is, neither are official election polls when you get right down to it.

Polling can be skewed by those conducting the polls. They can choose to include far more Democrats than Republicans – as many of them have been shown to do.

For example, in this recent Arizona poll. This poll by the Arizona Republic surveyed 413 Democrats and only 168 Republicans. Hillary had a 5-point lead in that poll.

Which, when you stop and think about it is kind of pathetic given that they polled 34% more Democrats than Republicans.

The other day my local paper, the Syracuse Post-Standard, reported that SUNY Stony Brook professor Helmut Norpoth predicted that Donald Trump would win in November.

Norpoth uses an election prediction model that has accurately predicted the outcome of every election except 1960 (when Joe Kennedy got Mayor Daley to give every dead voter in Chicago to JFK).

Norpoth’s model is based on statistics from each candidate’s performances in the primaries and “patterns in the electoral cycle to forecast results.”

Given this model, Norpoth believes that Trump’s chances for victory are somewhere between 87-99%.

That just doesn’t line up with what the polls would have us believe, does it?

Opinion polling, like the Enslaved Press, is not there to report the facts of this election. It is there to influence the outcome.

What matters in 2016 is how you vote. More importantly, it matters that you do vote.

Treat this election like your lives and the future of this country hang in the balance.

Because, let’s face it, they do.

No matter what you are doing on Tuesday, November 8, it is imperative that you take the time to vote.

Hillary’s slavishly-devoted Enslaved Press may have an enormous reach in this country, but on November 8, each member of her sycophantic corporate media can only vote once.

Andrea Mitchell has only one vote.

Just like you.

And here’s the thing you guys. There are more of us than them.

You may not have as big a megaphone as Andrea Mitchell or Chris Cuomo or Anderson Cooper or Glenn Thrush or the editorial board of the New York Times. But on election day, you are just as important in determining the outcome of this election.

And there are more of us.

The other day I closed my post I love a good plot twist by saying this:

You see. You and I, my friends — we regular ordinary Americans? We are the biggest, most unexpected plot twist in the story of this election.


Because we are the ones who will vote.

Ignore the polls. Forget the predictions. Until the rubber meets the road and people – actually living, breathing people – cast their ballot, nobody can determine the outcome.

Because you and I – all of us – are the ones who will determine the outcome.

The goal of the Enslaved Press and opinion polling is to create an air of inevitability around Hillary Clinton. Their hope is to dispirit you – to leave you feeling as if your vote will make no difference.

They want you to give up and stay home in November. Because that’s the only way Hillary Clinton can win.

But they’ve miscalculated. Their ability to sway you into staying home in defeat rests solely in how much voters trust what the Enslaved Press says.

And we don’t trust them anymore.

The voters who still hold some faith in what the Enslaved Press reports are Democrats.

Think about that.

Now, why did I mention the Breitbart debate poll?

Online polls aren’t scientific. So why bring it up at all?

Well, here’s why.

The only way they could get Hillary to pull out ahead in this poll was stuff the ballot box by flooding the site with votes from foreign IP addresses (more than likely spoofed).

And even with this overwhelming deluge of votes, Hillary still lost the poll in the end.

It didn’t help because actual, living and breathing voters do not like her.

There is no excitement for this woman – no voter enthusiasm.

By skewing the numbers to favor Hillary, pollsters and the Enslaved Press aren’t going to suppress the enthusiasm among Trump’s supporters.

We don’t trust them. So these “It’s over” news reports will do the opposite. It will embolden us.

But Hillary voters? Like I said. The only ones who still trust the Enslaved Press are Democrats.

Since very few Americans are actually excited at the prospect of voting for this old, decrepit hag, those who grudgingly support her may see these polls and these “It’s Over” news reports and decide they don’t need to bother voting at all.

In other words, the candidate who may pay the price for these skewed polls and lying news reports is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The only poll that matters is the election itself. This is the only one that will include not “possible voters,” not “likely voters,” but people who actually went out and cast their votes.

And in that poll, there are more of us.

The Enslaved Press may want to deny it, my friends, but there are more of us. And the best way to prove that to them is to vote.


No matter what.

At the end of all of this, the truth is, you and I have more power over the outcome of this election than any poll or any “It’s Over” news report from the Enslaved Press.

We are the last surprise.

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  • October 21, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Check out youtube for some choice zingers from Trump at the Al Smith dinner. Though the ‘enslaved’ audience began to boo him, he bravely pressed on. What a set! Alec Baldwin has been doing a so-so impression of him on SNL that really lacks punch. At the dinner, the genuine Trump schooled everyone! SNL hasn’t got the nerve to go all out like that, and they haven’t since.. well since before 2008. I was laughing so hard my belly hurt! You tell those sycophants, Donald!! We’re behind you!

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