Waiting for Qodot

Waiting for Qodot

A Q “Insurrection” was due to take place in Washington yesterday. An eager news media and thousands of National Guard were at the ready to take down this army of frothing-at-the-mouth Q cultists who allegedly planned to overthrow the government and install Donald Trump in the White House. And despite sturm und drang, the Great Q Insurrectionists never showed up.

It’s like the plot of Samuel Becket’s play “Waiting for Godot.” Or “Waiting for Qodot” as the case may be.

Texas Congressman, and noted Neanderthal Al Green was ready. He bravely risked life and limb waiting for Qodot.

Reporters who couldn’t wait for the impending bloodshed Qodot would rain down on the Capitol quivered with spastic delight over Green’s courageous performance art.

“I want to make a statement to let people know,” plucky little soldier Green told the Hill. “Those who would threaten those of us who cherish this freedom that we have here that we refuse to allow those threats to negate our freedom.”

Incomprehensible gibberish aside, what threats?

Well, no threats, actually.

Much like the two tramps who cool their heels waiting for Godot, Al Green could’ve waited forever and Qodot would never show.

According to the Washington Post, the so-called “credible threat” was a “mirage.”

No, it wasn’t a “mirage;” it was a lie.

It was Nancy Pelosi creating a mythical “threat” to further drive home the narrative that Trump supporters are dangerous insurrectionists hell-bent on “overthrowing our democracy.”

Now the Powers That Be have decided to move the goalposts. Sure Qodot didn’t show on March 4th, but it’s coming on March 20th! Or maybe later. Or possibly in the summer. Or perhaps sometime next year. Either way, we need to keep thousands of National Guardsmen and razor wire-topped barriers in place so we’re ready when Qodot finally turns up.

The DC Swamp love their Forever Wars so much that, until they can create another Middle East conflict, waiting for Qodot will do in a pinch.

The Great Q Insurrection of March 4th was never going to happen because The Great Q Insurrection of March 4th was a lie – a cynical, shameless pretext to keep Washington DC under military occupation while simultaneously giving Democrat politicians an opportunity to indulge in a little performative drama.

Don’t expect this military occupation to go away anytime soon. After all, Nancy Pelosi has a Midterm election coming up in 18 months, and she believes peddling this “Trump Supporters are Domestic Terrorists and all of DC is living in fear” performative drama is a winning strategy for November 2022.

And since there is no domestic terror threat from Trump supporting white supremacists, they’ve chosen the little known band of internet conspiracy kooks nobody ever heard until reporters started breathlessly demonizing them.

As I pointed out in my column “The Fruits of Disinformation,” a Suffolk poll to gauge Trump supporters’ opinions of QAnon showed only 4% were “favorable” while a whopping 43% had never heard of it.

And yet this shadowy internet group has become Public Enemy Number One?

It’s laughable.

The dirty little secret is Nancy Pelosi never expected Qodot to show. She knows the “credible threat” was bullshit. She knows she’s lying to the American people. She knows she is slandering half the country. She knows turning DC into a war zone is nothing but shameless performative drama. And she doesn’t give a damn.

Because Nancy Pelosi isn’t just a craven political opportunist; she’s a sociopath.

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6 thoughts on “Waiting for Qodot

  • March 5, 2021 at 11:30 am

    If there were another country on the earth that had the freedoms our Founders intended, I’d move there in a heartbeat.

  • March 5, 2021 at 11:55 am

    It’s kind of laughable that the first time I ever heard of QAnon was on The View. Later that same day there was a big segment on the ABC Nightly News and another the following day on Good Morning America. I kept wondering and asking others I knew if they had ever heard of QAnon and none had. They certainly seem like a paranoid media manifestation to me.

  • March 5, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    This is March Madness, Dianny. So I urge Rep Greene and his media cohorts to sit tight, invasions of the Capitol grounds are still possible because lurking ahead are: Mar 6th: National Oreo Cookie Day (is that racist, or what?); Mar 7th: National Be Heard Day (will someone try to keep MadMax from speaking); Mar 8th: International Women’s Day (employers, give flowers to your women employees if you can figure out who they are); Mar 9th: National Barbie Day (oops); Mar 10th: National Landline Telephone Day (who still has one?); Mar 11th: National Promposal Day (???); Mar 12th: National Girl Scout Day (another oops…stay away from the WH, girls); Mar 13th: National K9 Veterans Day (I’m sure someone will object); Mar 14th: National Pi Day (who knows if any of today’s population even knows what “pi” is? Sounds Trumpian!); Mar 15th: The Ides of March (BEWARE…yup, this could be bad!); Mar 16th: National Panda Day (obvious Chinese connection…they’re not even hiding it!); Mar 17th: St. Patrick’s Day (hope there’s no beer in the Capitol that day — Éirinn go Brách); Mar 18th: Awkward Moments Day (Rep. Greene was obviously celebrating this one ahead of schedule!); Mar 19th: Red Nose Day (apropos for the clown world we live in now); and the list goes on. And this is why we have the National Guard on duty, guarding the Capitol, protecting Rep Greene, etc., etc., etc., from the masses who are ready to storm the ramparts on……hey, Mar 20th is National Kick Butts Day! Works for me.

    • March 6, 2021 at 10:19 am


  • March 7, 2021 at 9:18 am

    How was the erection, Al?

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