A wake-up call? The Left will hit the snooze button.

wake-up call

Good morning, all.

I’m sitting here enjoying my one cup of coffee (well, it’s instant, so “enjoying” might be a stretch).

And I am seeing a lot of columns about how yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria will be a wake-up call for the Left.


Well, it might be a wake-up call, but knowing the Left, they’ll just hit the snooze button and tumble back to sleep.

Which is about what you’d expect from people who claim to be “Woke.”

Like I said yesterday, they aren’t going to tone down the rhetoric.

Why should they?

Let’s be honest, this is precisely what they wanted.

When the violent Antifa rioted outside of Milo’s speech in Berkeley, dingbat nominal celebrity Debra Messing tweeted out this:

Clearly when that wake-up call happened, Debra hit the snooze.

She’s a nominal celebrity, after all. The girl needs her beauty sleep.

Ensign Sulu was just as asleep when Antifa turned Berkeley into Benghazi West.

The morning after the riots, Sulu tweeted out this:

At the time, I wrote:

Forgive my language, Sulu. But no shit, Sherlock.
This has never been a “peaceful protest” against the Trump Presidency. Or have you not been paying attention over the last several years?
The anarchist movement didn’t glom on to a “peaceful protest.”
In fact, it’s the other way around.
Sulu and his fellow useful idiots in Hollywood glommed on to an anarchist movement.
And in so doing, they are giving a violent insurrection credibility.
Newsflash: That’s exactly what the anarchists wanted dinks like Sulu to do.
Star Base to Ensign Sulu: the violent agitators aren’t discrediting you. You are giving legitimacy and credibility to violent insurrectionists.
And what’s truly pathetic is you have no idea you’re being used.

Sulu and Debra aren’t so much “asleep” as they are in a coma.

Nothing is going to wake them up.

If anything, this supposed “wake-up call” will send these big-mouth celebrities diving under the blankets and lying low for a week or so. Then they’ll emerge rested and reinvigorated enough to once again spitting out their hateful comments at Trump and the Republicans.

The Enslaved Press will be far too busy burying the truth about this Leftwing Bernie Sanders-supporting “Democratic Socialist” to stop and reflect on how their non-stop vitriol and hair-on-fire innuendo disguised as reporting might have motivated a go-getter like him.

The Public Theater will see a spike in ticket sales from like-minded Trump-haters eager to watch their boogeyman get stabbed to death on stage every night.

And Maxine Waters – who hasn’t been awake for a decade – will be far too busy hunting for a crowd of Millennials to lead in a rousing chant of “Impeach 45” to give the shooting much thought at all.

Sure, I’d love it if they woke the hell up.

But they won’t.

Instead, they will roll over and sleep like babies knowing their daily incitements and violent rhetoric finally paid off.

If it should be a wake-up call to anyone, it better be the people who have yet to realize that the deranged American Left has become a genuine threat to this nation.

For that matter, the Republicans in Congress better hear the alarm as well.

For nearly five months now, they’ve been dragging their feet and reluctantly standing up against the non-stop hysteria and open insurrection of the Democrat Party and their Resistance foot soldiers.

The best defense against these agitators and malcontents is a good offense.

And Congressional Republicans should put the pedal to the metal and get to work.

These domestic terrorists want the Republicans to be too terrified to act like the majority. They want our government to grind to a halt.

And nothing says, “pound sand you nut cases” quite like doing their friggin’ jobs and barreling forward full steam ahead.

We will never change the minds of those on the far Left.

You cannot change a mind that has rotted like an overripe peach.

Our education system and universities have turned them into somnambulant drones who lack the critical thinking skills or self-reflection necessary to heed a wake-up call.

If anyone can be reached, it is the apolitical Americans who never gave their country, civic duty or freedom a second thought.

Those people we can awaken — just like Donald Trump did in 2015.

And it won’t be done with lofty speeches about unity or civility. But it can be done by action and follow-through.

If Republican lawmakers get to work and help advance President Trump’s pro-American agenda, those people will experience the effects in their everyday lives. They’ll have more money in their pockets, better job prospects, lower energy and grocery bills.

By living through it, they will wake up.

As their lives improve, they will wake up to the danger from the violent, hateful, despicable Left encouraged and spurred on by a floundering Democrat Party.

Forget the wake-up call for the Left.

We don’t want them to wake up.

We want them marginalized and alienated from our civilized society to the point where they are powerless and inconsequential.

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  • June 17, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Proposal–any Congress critter in favor of gun control does not qualify for any armed security. Give them a millennial with a rainbow umbrella.

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