Warren fans make the case against a woman President

Warren fans make the case against a woman President

We’ll never know if Bernie Sanders really did tell Pocahasbeen that a woman can’t win the Presidency.  It was a private meeting and the claim boils down to a He Said-She Said.  Though since the “she” in this instance is a serial fabulist, I have my doubts.  But if Bernie did say it, it’s the Warren fans themselves who are going out of their way to prove his point.

Because the reaction over the last four days from the Warren fans is the most effective argument against a woman President we have ever had.

Listen, being the President of the United States is not easy.  It requires a steel spine, a thick skin, knowing how to roll with the punches – not to mention the ability to withstand all manner of attacks that might come your way.

Warren couldn’t handle losing on Super Tuesday. She went into hiding for almost two days for crap’s sake.  Does that sound like something a President would do?

When she did finally emerge, she immediately played the victim card.

So too did the Warren fans.

Those guys are inconsolable.

For crying out loud, they’re laying flowers at Warren’s door as if she died in a car accident.

If Elizabeth Warren is so weak that she cannot handle losing an election, then perhaps she doesn’t have what it takes to be President and Commander-in-Chief.

And if Warren fans want Americans to believe that a woman can do the job, falling apart and grieving inconsolably over their girl dropping out isn’t exactly on message.

“Senator Warren is just as tough and just as qualified as any man!”

“Leave Senator Warren alone!! Stop asking her to endorse someone!  Give her time to process this!”

Yeah.  Same people.

If you can’t handle losing an election, why on earth should we believe you can handle the rigors of President of the United States?

Warren fans spent the last year railing against the “sexist trope” that women are too emotional to be President.

Then Warren drops out and we get takes like this:

Good grief, Amber.  Get ahold of yourself.

Amber is the same person who considered shipping her newborn daughter to Canada when Trump won.  She’s always an overly-emotional basket case.

Then again, most of the Warren fans on Twitter are reacting exactly the same way Amber is. They even have their own emojis! ??

[I’m not sure what the ?? emojis mean. Perhaps due to Warren’s collapse, all the Warren fans have bleeding gums. Besides, the ? emoji was taken.]

I supported Ted Cruz in the 2016 primaries.  When he dropped out, I didn’t feel the need to don sackcloth and ashes while making sure I had enough me-time to grieve.  I didn’t add some childish emoji to my Twitter handle. Nor was I laying flowers on the steps of his house like he died a tragic death.

Then again, I’m not a Leftist woman.

And maybe that’s really the message Warren fans are sending us.

Maybe it isn’t that they’re making the case against a woman President in general – just against Democrat women specifically.

I get it.  The Warren fans are made up largely of bitter, angry Hillary fans who, after three and a half years, still haven’t recovered from Clinton’s loss.

But if these gals are going to fall apart every time a Democrat woman loses an election, why on earth would any sentient human being believe that a Democrat woman can handle the stress and rigors that come with the Presidency?

Speaking of Democrat women, Kurt Schlichter has a hell of a funny column today at Townhall titled “The Dems Are Right. Americans Find Annoying Liberal Women Very Annoying.”

Yes, they are correct that Americans rejected Sitting Bolshevik because she was a woman, specifically, because she was a very, very annoying woman who, besides her track record of tacky lies, was very, very annoying in a uniquely female way. Putting aside that she is the Bud Light of faculty lounge socialism, Americans had no desire to spend four years with some national librarian in the Oval Office pestering us about using our inside voices and demanding that we share the toys we bought with the kids who broke theirs.

This was my favorite line:

It’s not misogyny to not want to deal with their personal psychodramas and tedious nagging. It’s sanity preservation.

And this one:

It makes no sense to try to disabuse the Dems of their woe-is-me-cuz-misogyny delusions. The members of its limo lib gentry wing are never happier than when they can feign oppression too, and the total failure of the fake Indian is giving them multiple oppressgasms.

Oppressgasms.  That’s great!

Between Warren’s crestfallen disappointment driving her into hiding, and the Warren fans acting like the inconsolable mourners who sobbed in the streets after the death of Kim Jong Il, maybe Democrat women just don’t have the emotional stability necessary to occupy the highest office in the land.

I’m sure the Warren fans will accuse me of “unconscious misogyny.” They’ll claim I’m an “enabler of the Patriarchy,” and a self-hating woman.

But my motivation comes not from self-hate, but from self-respect.

I have too much self-respect to pin my own self-worth on the success or failure of a shrill, unlikeable harridan like Pocahasbeen.  And I refuse to get sucked in to the likeminded zombie behavior of the Feminist Borg.

So go ahead and call me a self-hating misogynist who is enabling the Patriarchy. Unlike you Warren fans, I can take a punch. And I certainly won’t crumble into a heap when emotionally unstable gals call me names.

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4 thoughts on “Warren fans make the case against a woman President

  • March 9, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    I read Kurt’s column early this morning and laughed out loud at his “Oppressgasms” line. Both you and he are among the small group of pundits I find particularly insightful & funny, and whose snark rises to genius level. Bravo/Brava to you both!

  • March 9, 2020 at 7:03 pm

    Warren is the end result of receiving participation awards for any competition she ever entered. She never learned that you compete to win, and you learn from your losses. Winning gives you motivation to continue to do your best and raise your acheivement goals, but losing is what builds your character, the drive to make yourself an overachiever and to obtain your desired goals. Never experiencing either one of these develops nothing. Faking your way thru life is a side disaster that eventually catches up to you, remember The Peter Principle? She finally reached the level where she was totally unqualified to be promoted to the highest position. And she is totally unprepared for her loss, blaming others instead of herself. Strange that it was her own party that crushed her hopes. Maybe in another life she can come back and karma won’t smack her in the face again.

  • March 9, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Take the time. Take all of it that you need.

    Take more than you need, just to be sure. Take a year! Or at least take until mid-November.

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