Warren’s biggest obstacle is she’s Elizabeth Warren

Warren’s biggest obstacle is she’s Elizabeth Warren

Now that it’s clear that Pocahasbeen has a snowball’s chance in Hades to win the Democrat nomination, the typical Greek Chorus of feminists are accusing Democrat primary voters of misogyny.  Her biggest obstacle, they explain, is her gender.

Because of course it is.

When you are part of the Feminist Borg, you are unable (or unwilling) to see women as individuals.

Do a Twitter search on the phrase “Why isn’t Warren doing better” and you’d be stunned at how many members of the Twitter ResistanceLOL are mystified by her failure to impress.

Which confirms what we suspected: Warren’s biggest base of support is on Twitter.

There’s a ton of them like that.  They simply cannot figure out what went wrong.

And the best explanation they have is “Sexism.”

Pocahasbeen’s biggest obstacle is not that she’s a woman.

Her biggest obstacle isn’t that Democrat primary voters are steeped in “unconscious bias” against women.


Her biggest obstacle is that she’s Elizabeth Warren.

She is arrogant, condescending, inauthentic, dishonest, belligerent, and a scold.

And while I am no special pleader for Marxist Bernie, there is a reason his campaign is catching fire while Pocahasbeen is swirling the drain.

It isn’t because Bernie is likeable.  Bernie is a cantankerous, angry old man.

And it isn’t because he’s a man and she’s a woman.

Bernie’s campaign smartly framed itself as #NotMeUs. It gives the impression that Bernie’s “Revolution” is driven by the people.

[It isn’t. It’s being financed by über-wealthy hipster Marxists.]

Liz, on the other hand – like Hillary before her – makes herself the center of her campaign — specifically by endlessly bragging that “I’m the only one.”

I’m the only one with a plan.

I’m the only one who took on the big banks and won.

I’m the only one who can unite the party.

I’m the only one who can defeat Donald Trump.

I’m the only one who knows what it’s like to come from behind.

I’ve persisted! I’m not afraid!

I, I, I, me, me, me.

Why do you think her post-debate spin room talking point a month ago was bragging about the anniversary of her “Nevertheless, she persisted” moment in the Senate?

Ignore the robotic nature of Liz’s identical answers and listen to what she says.

They got tattoos and made needlepoint of my #NeverthelessShePersisted moment!

Me, me, me!

It’s all about Liz.

The woman is so arrogant, she makes Hillary Clinton look self-deprecating.

What we don’t get from Pocahasbeen is “We.”

We the People of the United States.

Her run for office has nothing to do with us.  It’s all about Liz.

Back in October 2016, I pointed out the significant distinction between Donald Trump’s campaign and Hillary’s.

Here’s a little of what I wrote:

Hillary’s entire campaign has been predicated on the notion that we must make history and elect the first woman President. We must rally behind Hillary. Hillary is what matters.

Not the United States of America or the American people.


“I’m with Her” by its design makes this election about Hillary Clinton not the country.

In contrast, Donald Trump has made this election about us. Putting America first. Getting Americans back to work. Keeping Americans safe.

You notice that when Hillary goes on the attack, she doesn’t limit her attacks to Donald Trump.

She attacks us — the American people.

We belong in a basket of deplorables because we are irredeemable and not American.

Hillary attacks the American people.

More specifically, Hillary attacks anybody who is not “with her.” Because if you’re not with Hillary, you aren’t worthy of being an American.

Because this election is about her. Not you.

Pocahasbeen is falling into that same trap.

As I mentioned in January, Liz is running to be President of some Americans, and she admitted it.  She told a reporter she wants to make sure that her running mate will be fighting for the same people she’s fighting for.

Pitting some Americans against other Americans while endlessly bragging “I am the only one who can *fill-in-the-blank*” is a crappy way to run a national campaign.

It’s a lousy message carried by a thoroughly unlikeable messenger.

So, no.  Warren’s obstacle isn’t her gender.  It isn’t misogyny.

Her biggest obstacle is who she is and how she acts.

Her biggest obstacle is she’s Elizabeth Warren.

This is something Daniel Greenfield spotted shortly after Pocahasbeen officially launched her 2020 quest for the White House.

In a column titled “Elizabeth Warren’s Problem isn’t Sexism: It’s Elizabeth Warren,” he wrote:

Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton reborn, and they’re both unlikable, because they’re both inauthentic scolds who suffer from hall monitor syndrome. They spent their entire lives breaking every rule they could find while awkwardly fantasizing about running every tiny detail of everyone else’s lives.

Her problem, according to Greenfield, is simple.  She’s a scold.

Scolds come in both sexes. America’s greatest scold is the eight-richest man in America who spends half his time trying to force people to drink smaller sodas. That’s why nobody liked Michael Bloomberg when he was trying to ban salt and jaywalking in New York City. It’s why not even Elizabeth Warren voters will vote for him even if he drops his threatened $100 million to come in 32nd in the 2020 Dem primaries.

Scolds are awkward and arrogant. They’ve spent a lifetime navigating the system, but never learned to fake plausible human emotions. They stay up nights afraid that somebody, somewhere is having fun. The only game they know is bureaucracy, and they play it to get the nicest office chairs and ruin the most people’s lives. In Colonial America, scolds burned witches. In modern times, they wipe out lives.

They are convinced that humanity’s problems could be solved by eliminating its bad habit of happiness.

Truth is, Pocahasbeen’s attacks on Michael Bloomberg are all kinds of ironic because, Greenfield is right, they are both cut from the same cloth.

Both of them are arrogant beyond measure.  Both of them believe they should have the power to run every aspect of your life.  And most off-putting, both of them believe they alone know best.

Like Pocahasbeen, Bloomberg suffers from the “I’m the only one” syndrome.

This might be why Warren’s takedown of Bloomberg at the Nevada debate also smacked her dead between the eyes. We always hate in others what is true about ourselves.

And Bloomberg and Warren really are two scolds in a pod.

Americans by and large do not want to be taken care of by someone arrogant enough to believe she has all the solutions to problems we don’t think are problems.

In short, most voters – even Democrat primary voters – don’t particularly like an arrogant, bossy, know-it-all micromanager who doesn’t think we have the intelligence or common sense to take care of ourselves.

A presidential candidate who appeals to our optimism, pride and patriotism will always do better than one who wags her finger at us like we’re a bunch of misbehaving kids making a ruckus in the school library.

But Pocahasbeen is incapable of appealing to optimism, pride or patriotism because, like her Cherokee heritage, it simply isn’t in her DNA.

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  • March 2, 2020 at 1:59 pm

    Hey, Amy Klobuchar left the race, I guess she has more sense then Lieawatha

  • March 3, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    Good thing Warren’s not black, eh? Then the lefties heads would explode trying to figure out whether she’s not going to win because of her race or her sex.

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