Welcome to Obama’s America

Friday, in Birmingham, Alabama, a police officer was beaten unconscious during a traffic stop. The officer did not fight back because he was afraid of being smeared as a racist.

Welcome to Obama’s America, my friends.

This is what they wanted.

Back in December, during the Eric Garner kerfuffle, Bill deBlasio went on ABC’s This Week and said Rudy Giuliani has a fundamental misunderstanding of how things are in New York City.

What a dick.

In response to that moron’s appearance on This Week, I wrote:

I feel pity and little bit of fear for law enforcement personnel in this country. They have become the enemy. The very men and women who put their lives on the line to protect people from crime have been marked as the cause of all the bad that is happening in “communities of color.”

Oddly enough. Blacks in New York City loved Rudy Giuliani because he actually did something to make their neighborhoods safer.

De Blasio will only undermine law enforcement, and, as a result, black neighborhoods will see an increase of crime.

Why is it Liberals can’t tell the difference between black people and criminals?

Do they really think blacks want criminals terrorizing their businesses, homes and property and threatening their lives?

The police are there to protect the people, not coddle the criminals.

But De Blasio wants to coddle the criminals, handcuff the cops and leave these “communities of color” wide open for destruction.

And why?

Well, because, you know, Justice!

See why I want to punch his lights out?

Honestly, I despise Leftists.

What is happening in America today as a result of a violent criminal attempting to kill a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri makes me think of the end of an episode of “The Closer” where Chief Johnson and her team investigate the deaths of two police officers involved in a shoot-out with three suspects. Because the two officers managed to shoot and kill one of their attackers, Force Investigation Division is required to investigate the dead officers for the shooting death of the civilian. As they are leaving for the funerals of the two officers, Chief Johnson confronts FID Captain Raydor:

Captain Raydor
Officers Stern and Duran have been completely exonerated.
Chief Johnson
And because of the way force investigation division operates, I’ll be investigating the murder of more good cops just like them.
Captain Raydor
Excuse me?
Chief Johnson
When officers are shot and killed in the line of duty, they’re investigated by me. When they shoot back, they’re investigated by you. That means that they’ll think twice before defending themselves. That hesitation will mean that more good cops will die.

To cretins like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Bill De Blasio, that is an acceptable thing. In the name of “justice,” these men are willing to put in grave danger those men and women whose duty it is to protect and serve the citizenry. They are willing to leave “communities of color” wide open to the criminals who seek to overrun them while they handcuff the police. As a result, “more good cops will die.”

Police officers are being bullied into not doing their job by everyone from our own President on down to idiot mayors like Bill deBlasio and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

This is Obama’s idea of “Community Policing.” Prevent police from doing the job of protecting and serving a community while at the same time protect and serve the criminals who are making these predominantly minority communities hell-holes.

The brilliant Heather MacDonald has a phenomenal piece in National Review Online that I urge you all to check out.

Just a sample:

This reluctance to act is affecting police departments across the country, as virtually every tool in an officer’s tool chest — from traffic stops to public-order maintenance — is vilified as racist. In Baltimore, following anti-cop riots and the indictment of six officers for the death of drug dealer Freddie Gray, arrests dropped 60 percent in May compared with arrests the previous year. In New York City, criminal summonses, a powerful gauge of proactive enforcement, were down 24 percent through July, compared with the same period the previous year; total arrests were down 16.5 percent. Arrests in Los Angeles are down 8 percent city-wide, and even further in some of the highest-crime areas. In the LAPD’s Central Division, home to the chaotic, squalid Skid Row, arrests are down 13 percent, while violent crime is up 57 percent. Some top brass are trying to counter what I and others have dubbed the “Ferguson effect.” “We ask our officers to stay engaged,” says LAPD assistant chief Michel Moore. Unfortunately, when officers do stay engaged, they often confront hostile, unruly crowds and resistance from suspects.

And this:

If the Black Lives Matter movement were correct that law enforcement is a scourge on the black community, this unraveling of proactive policing should be an enormous benefit to black well-being. Instead, the country is seeing the biggest violent-crime spike in 20 years, and the primary victims are, as usual, blacks. In 35 big U.S. cities, homicides are up 19 percent this year on average, according to a survey done by the Major City Chiefs Association. Milwaukee has seen a 118 percent rise in homicides; Minneapolis and St Louis, close to 50 percent; and Baltimore, 60 percent. In Dallas, homicides are up 39 percent; in Houston, 36 percent through mid-July. In Chicago, homicides were up 21 percent as of August 2; in New York, 10 percent. Sixty-two percent of surveyed cities reported increases in non-fatal shootings as well. In Cincinnati, shootings have reached a ten-year-high. As of August 8, the number of shooting victims in Los Angeles was up by 25 percent; violent crime in L.A. has risen by 20 percent. The overwhelming majority of shooting and homicide victims have been black, as are their assailants. It turns out that when the police back off, it is residents of poor inner-city neighborhoods who pay, too often with their lives.

Click HERE to read the whole thing.

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