Welcome to the modern-day Democrat Party

During Tuesday’s debate, when answering the question about who is the enemy they are most proud of making, Democrat candidate Jim Webb said it would be the Vietnamese soldier who threw the grenade at him, but he isn’t around anymore.

Democrats all over the country were horrified and disgusted.

Left-leaning media types lambasted Webb for what they saw as a grisly, gruesome response.

Apparently Hillary saying she’s proud to have made an enemy of Republicans didn’t rankle anyone, but Jim Webb mentioning the enemy soldier who tried to kill him was just too much for these weak-kneed girls.

Today in the Washington Post, Webb’s son, Jim R. Webb — a Marine veteran — has penned an op-ed titled People are criticizing my dad, Jim Webb, for killing a man. Here’s what they’re missing.

In it, he writes among other things:

In fact, seeing the reaction to my father’s story in recent days has highlighted for me the almost stunning level of ignorance that the general public has about war. CNN introduced him as a “war hero,” and yet people were surprised and even uncomfortable when they were given a glimpse of what that might have entailed.
Yes, the man who threw the grenade isn’t around anymore, but more importantly the man who my father shielded with his own body lived to see another day. As a Marine and as a leader, that is the important part. To me and many other veterans, we have a sea of presidential candidates who seemingly have only personal interests in mind. Yet here is a leader who has not only endured war, but demonstrated that he is willing to sacrifice his life for his people. Is that really something to be sneered at?
This country has been at war for almost 15 years, and as I think about the ridicule leveled at my father in the past 24 hours, I can’t help but imagine what these same people must think about the service of my own generation. In their eyes, did we simply spend some kind of twisted ‘semester abroad’ in a place with plenty of sand, but no ocean? Or conversely, do they ignorantly dismiss our experiences, as they have my father, as those of cold callous killers?

It isn’t the “general public,” Jim. It’s Democrats.

Welcome to the modern-day Democrat Party, Jim.

I understand your irritation and disgust. But I’m surprised by your surprise.

Where have you been for the last ten or twelve years?

Where have you been?

Have you not seen the Democrat Party careen ever more to the Left?

Do you not remember the way this party denigrated the military during the Iraq War? Calling them Nazis and murderers?

Do you not recall that in 2004 the Democrat Party chose a former 1960s anti-War radical to be their nominee for President?

We have a current Democrat President who twists himself into pretzels to “end a war responsibly” rather than seeking to win the freaking war.

These people hate the military. This isn’t the party of JFK anymore. Why the hell do you think Joe Lieberman left the damn party?

I could have told you hours before the debate began that your father’s service to this country wouldn’t mean a damn thing to those morons who vote Democrat.

The Democrat Party celebrates and coddles illegal aliens so much so that during the debate the candidates tripped all over themselves promising free goodies to those in our country illegally. From college to healthcare to welfare.

Meanwhile, US vets are treated like shit.

The modern-day Democrat Party are nothing more than throwback 1960s radicals.

The people who spit on soldiers coming home from Vietnam are now the ones in power. They and their ideological partners control the Democrat Party.

You expect respect from them?!

You’re never going to get it.

It doesn’t matter that your Dad was the only one on that stage Tuesday night who sounded remotely rational.

The modern-day Democrat Party doesn’t want anything to do with rational.

I’m right there with you, Mr. Webb. You have every reason to be angry and disgusted by the response your father’s service received from these cretins.

I just cannot for the life of me understand why you’re surprised.

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One thought on “Welcome to the modern-day Democrat Party

  • October 16, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    I can’t figure out why the Webb’s are Democrats. Bernie Sanders seemed to be proud of the fact that he was a conscientious objector (draft dodger).
    I didn’t know you could do that back when Uncle Sam sent me a letter telling me to get my affairs in order and meet a bus at the Post Office that was going to take me to Fort Jackson in Columbia and that I wouldn’t be returning home for and extended period of time.

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