Well of course he’s a hypocrite

So, it turns out the sanctimonious Broadway shit-pickle who decided to treat a captive Mike Pence to a self-righteous lecture after a showing of “Hamilton” is a bit of a hypocrite.


Of course he’s a hypocrite.

All Leftists are hypocrites.

Leftists in glass houses can’t help themselves. They just have to throw stones.


Those on the Left never believe they should live by the standards to which they hold others.

For them, tolerance is a one-way street.

While they demand “tolerance” from us, they never return the favor.

Brandon Dixon’s Twitter feed reveals a guy who clearly thinks very little of women.


Leftists never think much of women.

Dixon celebrated St. Patrick’s day because apparently for “black dudes” there’s nothing better than a falling-down drunk white women.


Because when they’re drunk, it’s easier to grab them by the p*ssy.

He called women “ho’s.” I’m not sure if that is the correct spelling since the apostrophe makes no sense, but there you go.

And he happily retweeted a man who vowed to sexually assault a white suburban housewife and mother for each “racist comment” he gets about Trayvon.


Such a charmer, isn’t he?

But Mike Pence needs a lecture on “tolerance.”

If Leftists had to abide by the old expression “practice what you preach” they’d never have anything to say.

But it’s always been this way.

It’s why Hillary Clinton could, with a straight face, declare that nobody is too big to jail.

Speaking of Hillary. It’s exactly why she saw nothing contradictory about proclaiming that all victims of sexual assault must be believed.

Leftists lack self-reflection.

It’s how the Obamas have managed to sanctimoniously lecture the American people against doing the very things the Obamas do on a routine basis.

They don’t care that they’re hypocrites.

Not one bit.

It’s precisely why the same people who love that this sanctimonious shit-pickle held Mike Pence hostage while preaching at him are angry as hell at Kanye West for pulling the same stunt with his audience the very next day.

If Kanye hadn’t used his inappropriate on-stage screed to praise Donald Trump, but to attack him, they wouldn’t be angry at all.

The whole of the Left lives by the same principle voiced by Hillary Clinton: You must have a public and a private position.

This is how the sanctimonious Brandon Dixon can, in good conscience, publicly lecture Mike Pence about tolerance while privately showing none.

He doesn’t care that he’s a hypocrite.

The ends justify the hypocrisy.

And much like Muslims who seek to conquer feel justified in lying to advance their jihad (taqiyya), so too do Leftists feel justified in being flaming, glittering hypocrites.

Anything that will help them destroy their enemies is absolutely permitted.

Hat tip Breitbart.

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