Well of course she lied

Drudge had the story in his main headline last night and early this morning:

[email protected]

Turns out there is documented proof that Hillary Clinton used an email account from her private server for official business as Secretary of State that the Clinton camp has denied even existed during that time.

The Blaze even has screen captures of the emails, the dates of which prove this email address that allegedly didn’t even exist when she was Secretary of State was sending out emails regarding State Department matters when Hillary was Secretary of State.

I guess it depends on what your definition of “exist” is.

Well of course she lied.

Who here is in the least bit surprised she lied?

She is a Clinton.

The Clintons haven’t told the truth since ….

…give me a minute…


The Clintons have never told the truth.

I have to confess, I am the worst liar in the world. I suck at lying. I can’t lie to someone’s face. I can’t even lie to someone over the phone.

So I don’t even try.

This is a problem Hillary Clinton does not have.

Like the walnut-sized heart beating in her chest, lies spew out of Hillary without conscious thought or effort on her part.

Like an involuntary burp.

But don’t worry. She won’t address this lie. She won’t address any matter. She won’t speak to reporters.

And the truth is, Hillary doesn’t think she needs to. She really does believe she will sail into the White House on the wings of her gender.

Do you sometimes get the impression that Hillary Clinton’s mission here is to confirm that the American voters are so deeply stupid they would support a female presidential candidate no matter how corrupt she is just because she’s got the body parts? Even if she is a crook, a hack, a liar and a greedy, money-grubbing charlatan, Hillary seems to think her vagina will cover a multitude of sins.

It’s as if Jonathan Gruber is running her campaign and telling her “Hey, do whatever the hell you want no matter how felonious is it because Americans are so stupid they’ll vote for you anyway because of what’s between your legs.”

The bare-ass truth is the only thing Hillary has going for her is her vagina.

And, the sad truth is there will be American voters who will select her as their President on that reason alone.

Well of course shes lying

I am really beginning to believe that Hillary thinks that’s all she needs to win the White House.

But she has reason to think it.

Look at Obama.

Or, as I call him, the actual first female President of the United States.

By 2012, the American People knew they had been sold a bill of goods. Obama was nothing but a lot of flowery talk in a caramel-colored package. He was a miserable failure. The economy was barely hanging on. Labor force participation was at a 35 year old. Food stamps and other welfare programs were growing. Home values were dropping. Divisions between income, skin color and gender were widening thanks to his divisive and hateful rhetoric. And our foreign policy was in a shambles.

And yet, Obama won reelection.

Sure, there was election fraud.

But that doesn’t explain all of it.

Obama won despite being a felonious liar.

Obama won despite being a fraud and a failure.

It didn’t help that the GOP pushed on us a miserable candidate who, despite the low-hanging fruit that was the Obama first term couldn’t or wouldn’t take the fight to him.

But the truth is enough people stupidly reelected Obama, not because of what he had accomplished, but because of the most shallow elements of what he is.

Hillary is banking on the same uninformed idiocy to carry her over the finish line no matter how corrupt and incompetent she is.

She will pander and slander her way into the White House.

She will rely on a compliant press to frame every attack as sexist.

And she will lie.

She will lie, lie, lie and lie some more.

The only hope we have of stopping her is to keep shining a blinding Klieg light of truth on Hillary’s lies. That means having the will to suffer the slings and arrows of moronic “sexism” attacks to take the fight to her. That means advancing Republican candidates who are clear and decisive on conservative principles. Candidates who are unafraid.

In other words, not another milquetoast like Romney who refuses to fight for the future of our country. Hell, refuses to fight at all unless it’s a charity boxing match.

Will Judicial Watch’s explosive report about the Obama Administration’s advance knowledge of the rise of ISIS, not to mention the Benghazi attack stick to Hillary?

Not if the Republican candidates don’t hit her with it.

I believe it is possible to derail the Clinton corruption machine.

All it takes is the will and the courage to stand up for the truth and hoist Hillary on the petard of her own litany of lies.

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